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I think my cat is dying!

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Hi all. New to this site, but it seems a friendly place to be!
I have a cat, (Billy) who is 16years old. He has always been a big, fat lazy cat, very loving and beautiful.... but over the last 2 weeks, he has hardly eaten anything.. even his milk and water only get a quick lick.
He has gone from being so very heavy and fat to the weight of a kitten and boney..
His ears are perked up, he still struggles to go outside to the toilet, although I have put him a litter tray inside.. he still struggles to climb the stairs and jumps on the bed..(if I forget to take him up) He is still purring well, and loves the attention... but he is dying....
I cant find anything wrong with him, he looks like a cat aged about 80 years, he walks very slowly, sometimes sitting for a min before carrying on..he can move off his heat pad when he needs to... be I haent seem him cleaning himself..
I have tried every food possible for him, sometimes he might have a little mouthful, most of the time he just looks away..
I think if I took him to the vet, they might tell me to put him to sleep, and I dont want that... could I be wrong... ? my partner thinks that he may have fallen off something and is in pain, but I know my cat and would know if he was hurt... he does not limp, can get comfy quickly and is still able to jump on my lap when I am watching the TV.
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You need to go to the vet.
There are somany things a cat that age might have.
He needs a senior panel to check for kidney failure and other problems.
I have a cat older then that and she has a lot of problems.
If you do not see a vet he can die.
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ok... I will do today
I had a cat of 22 years, and when I took him (because his back legs gave way) they told me it was kinder to put him to sleep... I just didnt want to hear that again, but I guess you are right! Thanks.
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Oh sweety I'm so sorry, but mews2much is so very right. I'm glad your going to take Billy to the vet. You don't want him hurting and the sooner you get him there they might just be able to help him. Sometimes they can be in pain, but just not show it to us. And I know you wouldn't want that. Please keep us updated after you go to the vet. Sending my prayers and good vibes!
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Actually, the way you describe it sounds more like kidney or liver failure, possibly diabetes, lots of internal things.

Sixteen years is a pretty good length of life, all things considered. And it sounds like you take good care of your cats, if you had one make it to 22.

None of us wants to make "that decision," but sometimes it's the only kind, unselfish thing we can do.

But maybe the vet will surprise you and discover some treatable problem.
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I really hope you do take him to the vet ASAP - not getting him treated when something is obviously wrong just because you don't want to be told he may need to be euthanised is a little selfish. We all know it's hard to lose our beloved pets, but in those late years you need to get any problems looked at immediately - the sooner they're treated the more chance they have of fighting through it.

Good luck!
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Please take him to the vet. He is probably suffering and in pain. Maybe they can help him, maybe they can't, but you don't want to just let him suffer.
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Awww, I am sorry, friend, but it does sound like a trip to the vet is the kindest thing you can do for Billy, even if the vet tells you to say goodbye. Be brave. Give Billy a kiss from me. *HUG*
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If he is dying and in pain, I am sure you don't want him to suffer, and it sounds like he is in pain. On the other hand, you do not want him to die if he has something which is treatable. So please take him to a vet as soon as possible - every day may count.
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