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What Would You Do?

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Two weeks ago, one of the women who live in the upstairs section of the house was attacked by a pitbull who lived in another house across the street. The pitbull did not bite her. Instead, her boyfriend's rottweilder, Max. went to protect her and got into a fight with the pitbull and his brother. Max managed to bite one of the dogs and the owner of the pitbulls went to get them and apologize to the girl and her boyfriend. Then yesterday, the pitbulls got lose again, but did not get a chance to attack anybody because Max was there to defend his people. The first thing I thought was that I should call Animal Control to take away the pitbulls. But then I decided against it because if animal control got them, they would probably be put to sleep. I feel sorry for the dogs because the owners didn't train them very well and the dogs must suffer for it. I wish I knew of a rescue were they can me trained properly and get better homes. If these people got the pitbulls for protection, then the dogs would be in their property, not attacking other people. What you do?
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that's a tough one. lately there have been a ton of stories in the news about dogs killing people. like that girl in san fran who was killed right outside her apartment door. I wouldn't want to be thinking after the fact 'I knew those dogs were prone to attack, and have done so before but I'm wasn't sure I should do anything'

i would say, what if it was a child walking by, unprotected? it wouldn't take much for their throat to be ripped out. sorry to be graphic, but I think it's a serious concern. what if they attacked you? they have gotten loose twice so obviously they aren't being contained well and are a very real threat. I hate to think of any animal being put to sleep because of thier owners negligance, but I also hate to think of an innocent animal (or God forbid child) being ripped apart if they got loose.

just my thoughts. since you are there and witnessing it, only you know how real a threat it is.
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Dogs belong on leashes or behind fences. Period. Call animal control and explain the situation. Perhaps they'll have some useful advice for you, as to what you should do in case of another incident. But if there is another incident, call animal control right away. If they remove the offending dog or dogs to a shelter, fine. The "owners" can then decide whether or not they want to be responsible adults, because they won't be getting the dogs back until they agree to restrain them at all times.

I know it's horrible to contemplate what might happen to animals taken to shelters, but if unrestrained dogs are allowed in populous areas there can be dangerous consequences to other animals (such as small wild animals) and to humans as well. If your community has no "leash law," it should get one pronto! Free-roaming domestic dogs in neighborhoods make about as much sense as free-roaming adolescent males. Both need to be confined for the public's safety.

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What a sad story. Unfortunately, pit bulls are very dangerous animals. I would be scared to see what one of them might do to Max, if had the opportunity. A loyal dog who is trying to save his family.

You have a tough decision and you could always call the authorities annoymousily and just get information on what would happened to the dogs.

With the story of the lady in San Francisco, those dogs came from a breeder who was teaching them to fight. Actually the organization was ran from within prison, and when the authorities shut the breeder down, two lawyers of the man in prison, adopted two of the dogs fully aware they were trained to kill. They put one of the dogs down immediately, it is sad but true, if you have a vicous dog who attacks humans about 99.9% of them will always be a menace on society.
Good luck with your decision!
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I agree with Mr. Cat. Call Animal Control and let them deal with it. Next time it could be a child.
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Generally Pits are mean if they have been bred that way.. I know there are going to be exceptionss to that...

But if a pit is exhibiting aggresive behavior then they do need to be taken...

Not everyone has a Rotti to save them....

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Call animal control and have them taken away! What if they got a hold of a kid or really hurt another adult? You'd feel bad if they got put down, but you'd fell even worse if they attacked and hurt someone and you could have called animal control sooner.
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You might explain to your neighbors that a more secure contain system will save them muchas dinero in the event any one get hurt and gets sue happy. Of course If you need money about, Oh lets say, Christmas, you might want to season one of you less vital appendages with pitbull attractant. Maybee wear some bacon in a sock ????

Just-a Kiiiddddinnnngggg......Call Animal Control. Really. I mean it. Really. I'm going to say it again and will try to muster up something besides devilish delight at the thought of litigating. Really. Any minute now..............
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I have to agree with everyone here. Call Animal Control. I really do not like pit bulls. They are so aggressive. Seems to me that too many people keep them for just that reason, too. I know it's not the dog's fault, but if someone were to be injured, even Max, that would be terrible. If both of those pitbulls get going, things could get out of control really fast. Here in Florida a few months ago a girl was mauled almost to death by her own family's pitbulls. One got going for some unknown reason, and the rest got into that "pack" state of mind and attacked her too. Gives me chills to think about what might go wrong here.
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I'm NOT defending these people with the pit bulls however, keep in mind many people think the same about Rotti's! My mother told me she would come over and shoot a Rotti if I got one. She thinks they are mean attack dogs... Any one who has a run of the mill Rotti knows better. Breeding and training are what makes a dog - Pit bulls, Rottis and Poms

Any dog that attacks a human unprovoked, depending on circumstances (our house rule is any real biting means put down -brusing / blood)


(I do fostering of large black dogs - specializing in Artic breeds and GSDs)
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You think I can call animal control now when the incident happened on sunday? If I can, then I will. Those people do have the habit of turning their dogs lose or the dogs manage to escape. Max is also a guard dog. He is kept in the back yard. When he is in the front yard, they usually have him tied up. He is a territorial dog. Barks at strangers who come to the yard. He used to bark at me alot when I first came to live with them. But now, Max thinks I am his angel. Wags his stump really fast when he sees me and cries for me to pet him. I want my first dog to be a rottie. I will have plenty of money saved up; the cost of the dog, food, vet, and dog training. I've been checking out books at the library and bought several and studied about the breed. I like to show people what it takes to get a good dog.
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nena....I agree with everyone else!!! CALL ANIMAL CONTROL! I realize your delima of not wanting to feel responsible for having dogs put to sleep, but that would be far better than feeling partially responsible
for the death of a child or another adult being seriously hurt, because you didn't do anything.
I love dogs....beleive me....but if a mean dog, of any kind was loose in my neighborhood, I would call animal control.
We had a Doberman loose around my area a few months ago....luckily it never came too close to the house, because I have a German shepherd and another dog, who barked at it, but I had no clue if it was friendly or mean, and finally we found out who owned it, and they did not know the dog was getting loose and wandering around. They told me it was a very friendly dog, and if it ever showed up again, to call it by it's name...Storm, and it would be okay. But it is still very scary....those big dogs can kill you!!!!!!!! Let us know how it goes!!!!!
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I don't think it's too late to call, especially if it's a habitual thing. it's going to happen again and next time someone may get hurt.
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I agree with everyone else. Call Animal Control. It shouldn't matter that this happened on Sunday and today is Tuesday. Give them all the details so they can make informed decisions. As a parent, I have nightmares of what aggressive dogs could do to my children. Please call.

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Well I called Animal Control, but I don't know if they went to the house. I want to be anonymous. If they get out again, then I will call again. I have the number listed by my phone in case I need it. Thanks for the help. I feel bad about the dogs. I wish they would punish the owners!!!
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Why do you ask for our advice if you won't take it?? I'm sure you'd be on the phone in a heartbeat if it were your precious 3 year old that got attacked. Maybe that's what it'll take.
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I thought she did call, she just didn't leave her name, and she doesn't know if animal control went to the house. It sounded to me like she called and has put the number up by the phone in case she sees them out again. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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It's hard, I know, but you definetly did the right thing. We had a Rotti loose in our neighborhood a few years ago, terrorizing everyone (but no attacks!). we had to call animal control, too, and so did a couple of the neighbors. I never found out what they told them, but I've never seen that dog on the loose anymore. I'm proud of you!
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I did call animal control and good news. I think they did go to the owners because I never see them. I can hear them barking but they are kept in the garage. So I guess they did go over. I want to remain anonymous because the people are sort of violent. I think they might be gang members. So I have to be careful. Hopefully I will be out of that neighborhood real soon.
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A little boy in the San Francisco Bay Area just got attacked by 3 pit bulls (saw it on the news an hour ago) The attack was so vicious, the dogs tore off both the boy's ears, and doctors spent all night working on the poor child. These were dogs who had been allowed to roam the neighborhood. Along with the story about the boy was news that California may propose a bill to make it a felony charge if a person's dog causes severe harm to a person. As of now it's only a felony if the victim dies. I am all for it! I am hearing WAY too many stories on dogs attacking people.
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Nena....it sounds like you did the right thing!!! I am proud of you!! And Donna...I think you misunderstood her....I think she DID take our advice!! (and what good advice it was, at that!)
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