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She's such a princess!

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Little Miss Cally has gone from feral to her royal highness!

No peas under here, scary lady!

The boys have no desire to sleep on the pile of blankets and pillows left from my parents' visit - that is for the princess only!
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She's on her royal throne! Nothing but the best for Princess Cally! lol:
She's adorable!
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indeed...nothing better for the Princess
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Aw, Princess Cally looks so regal on her throne! Looks like she's settling in just fine.
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She has that "Don't you even think about taking these from me" look, very nice
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What a sweetheart!
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Maybe it's the black and white, maybe it's the feral-to-inside, maybe it's the Ophelia does the same thing! It's so adorable - put a pile of pillows somewhere and I guarantee that's where Ophelia wants to sleep.

Miss Callie is just making up for lost time and sleeping on the cold hard ground by taking the tallest, softest place possible for her to rest. She does deserve it, don't you know?
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