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Cat Mutilation

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Hi everyone,

I just heard some disturbing news this morning. On the local TV station they were saying they found ANOTHER mutilated cat either this morning or last night. It was in a pretty nice neighborhood (Up in the avenues)and someone just found half a cat laying on the sidewalk. They think it must have been killed somewhere else and then just dropped off there. It's obvious whoever is doing it wants attention because they left it out where someone couldn't miss seeing it and where it would have the most shock value. This makes me so angry. They also said it is the 10th cat they have found like that in recent months. Can't remember if they said a year or less. There is a huge reward for anyone who has information leading to the person/s responsible. Something like $10,000. They said it is also happening in Idaho so the authorities are working together. Same exact scenerio. How can people do something so evil to a helpless animal??
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Yes, I saw that this was happening in Denver and SLC. It really disturbs me that it's happening in Denver because I grew up there. It would disturb me happening anywhere, but it's even more so disturbing because of that. I hate to say this, but the I-80 corridor has a lot of people into satanism and backward witchcraft (I can't call it Wicca because all the Wiccans I know are nice and these people aren't, but they claim they're witches). I encountered it when I was living in Laramie, WY and it was really strong in Rock Springs at that time, but the people were known to move up and down the corridor as the law would come after them. I'm just wondering if it's these folks doing this.
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OMG!!!! This so just too discusting!!! I just don´t know what to say, this is to terrible for words. How can anyone be so cruel????
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The humane societies here are always warning cat owners about Satanists sacrificing cats, especially black ones, though apparently they'll settle for other colors. I've never known whether to take the warnings seriously or not (our cat only goes out on a leash). I have read several times that a lot of serial killers start out by torturing and mutilating animals, so I hope they catch the sicko(s) doing it.
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On my local news today they were talking about a 62 year old man that the police caught after he had put a cat on a charcoal grill. Thank goodness the man was as stupid as he acted. He resisted arrest, assaulted the police with a deadly fire arms. He is going to be in allot of trouble. The do not have very tough laws in my state as far as animals are concerned, but with the man resisting arrest, and firing at the police at least he will get a small portion of what he deserved.

I just wish someone would put the jerk on a charcoal grill and see how he likes it.
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Originally posted by TTMom
Yes, I saw that this was happening in Denver and SLC
Maybe it WAS Denver and not Idaho. I was getting ready for work early this morning so I could have been sleep-listening. But can you imagine if some little kid left for school in the morning and found a cat like that on the sidewalk?? It's just a terrible thing all around.

Tammie <still fuming
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When I was 12 I found my cat after it had been hit by a car and it was devastating. I can't imagine a child finding a cat deliberately mutilated, or even an adult. I feel like a piece of me dies when I see a dog or cat by the side of the road, I would probably have to have some kind of therapy if I'd found a cat mutilated. People who do that need to be slaughtered in the same manner, period.
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Why do people always jump to the conclusion it's people involved in alternative religions that do this? Most 'occult' or 'pagan' religions, including witches, wiccans and yes even Satanists, involve a great deal of respect for animal life. Satanists do not hurt animals! Sorry for the rant, this is just one of my pet peeves......
As for whoever is actually hurting these cats, well, they should have done to them what was done to the cats.
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This story has made it to CNN, so it's gaining national attention. Finally. They mentioned that the cats' bodies are being left of residential lawns. I can't even imagine how it would feel to find that.

I can't think of anything cruel and brutal enough to use as punishment for whoever is doing this. A dose of their own medicine, administered slooowly, perhaps.

And I agree that "occult" groups and Witches are all too often accused when something like this occurs. I am Wiccan, and I would lay down my life to save my cats.

May Sehkmet find the perpetrators and dispense Her justice.
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I agree with you and have heard that it is not truly a practice of wiccan's or satanists to do this sort of thing. I do think though, that it is possible satanist wannabees could do it in their own poluted and distorted interpretation of satanist practices. Hope that came out right! I'll step out on a limb here. It's sort of like the terrorist Muslim's that have hijacked the religion of Islam and have done terrible, wicked things in the name of that religion.

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Some people would think it's sick, but that's being optimistic. It's much worse. I used to read some books that gave me some insight into criminal behavioural science, so I believe it's totally evil to do something like that. If it's one person doing it then this is a serial killer in the making and is most likely a young male, probably in his teens. It's really a metaphor for how he wants to treat people, most likely women.

The killings will slow down or stop as he begins to find ways to act out against people and get away with it, starting with mental abuse or manipulation, physical abuse and eventually rape with the possiblity of becoming a serial killer. He may be highly intelligent and may not be known to show any emotions. If his intelligence is below average, he may kill longer, never "graduating" to people and may eventually give all attention to assault and petty crime, being jobless, and in and out of jail for the rest of his life. If the killings involve more than one person, they may still follow similar footsteps in life, but it may be to a lesser degree.

Before I started reading books like that I was against capital punishment. Now I'm not. I always admired how smart and dedicated the cops and forensic scientists were in catching these monsters, but I don't read those kinds of books anymore. Besides all the innocent lives destroyed, you could also see how it destroyed the lives of the men and women who sought to catch these wastes of skin and I got tired of that. Frequently, I hear people say that these killers are sick, but sometimes I feel compelled to tell them that they're not. They enjoy what they're doing. Few of them actually have conditions that would be considered as sick, and for the rest that do, there are millions of people in the same or worse condition that don't take peoples' lives.
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that is soooo horrible!! And I can assure you that any true "witch" would NEVER do anything like that! That is just unthinkable. Those poor animals. Why would anyone do such a horrible horrible thing
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It's happening in Denver (see the post "Please Pray for the Cats of Denver" for the latest I've seen on that), specifically in the eastern part of Denver and Aurora. I do hope the authorities are working together on this, as there have been a couple breaks in the mutilations here and I have to wonder if these coincide with the killings in SLC.

I agree too that true "satanists" don't act like this. A couple of my friends are satanists (that sounds strange, doesn't it?) and their basic mantra is that the only god is oneself. But they certainly don't subscribe to the sacrificing crap. It is the loner who *thinks* they are being satanic or doing witchcraft and have watched too many horror movies who claim religion as the basis for this. What is truly sad is how misinformed many people are and how many people think that ALL witches (meaning non-major-religion, i.e. Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist) do this.
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Hi again, From what I understand the authorities are working together on this. It sounds like they think it is more then coincidence. I heard today they have some hot leads. Let's hope!

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People mutilating cats is just sick

There are always reports over here on the news that people have cut cats tails off and stuck fireworks where they shouldn't be stuck and all I can do is sit there and pray the CRUEL person that did it will get sent away some where nasty BUT NO they only get sentenced to a few hours community service

I could go on forever about this BUT I'm quite an emotional person.

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