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shedding becoming a big problem

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hi, i don't know if you all remember me, i posted back in March, the reason i haven't posted is because we got the great news that i was pregnant, and my husband and i are so excited, and i just got caught up in the whole baby thing. Well here goes my problem, Kia has been shedding excesseviley and it's becoming a big problem, We find hairs on the carpet, on top of the tables, in the kitchen counters, on blinds, etc. etc. We brush her every other day, we take her outside and do it, cause hair flies everywhere,its really bad. I vacum ever other day also, i run that vacum cleaner all over the house, just to find more hair the next day all over the place. We don't know what to do anymore,and now with the baby coming in December, we are just thinking that we might just giver her away. We really hate to do that, but I just don't think its healthy for a newborn to be around so much cat hair. And it's just impossible to vacum everyday, i mean who has the energy to do it everyday, you know what i'm saying. if you can help me out please write back, thanx

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I was shopping this weekend in Petsmart and I bought these towelets that take off excess fur. They are like baby wipes. After I brush Max I take one of the towelets and wipe him down it picks up all the excess fur. It is also supposed to pick up all dander and moisturize his skin. They smell like coconut. I thought it was a great idea.
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My secretary bought some drops from PetsMart to put in the cat's food. Supposedly the drops significantly reduce shedding. Mw secretary swears that her cat hardly sheds at all since using these drops, so perhaps they really do work.
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Along with the suggestions above, you use one of the new swiffer dusters to get the hair off counters etc. They work really well, and don't just push the hair off into the air.
One thing I do want to mention though, is that having the cat hair and the baby won't be a problem. They have done studies that show infants exposed to pets early on, don't have problems with allergies.
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I had the same problem with the cat hair (I have a long hair cat) until I started taking him to a groomer. His hair on his body is cut to 1 inch and the hair on his belly and under his arms is shaved. We have this done every 4 months and he gets a bath too
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