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I met Annie's little "friend" today

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I'm pretty sure *this* is who Annie talks to and watches out the windows.

I was really surprised by this squirrel's reaction to me when I came out of the house today after lunch. Although they are city squirrels and all, the ones in our neighborhood are quite skittish, which is definitely safer for them. This one was SO curious about me! I was almost close enough to reach out and touch her, but I did refrain.

Considering these were taken with a cell phone, you can see how close we were and how curious she was to stay still long enough to get these pics. I was almost late getting back to work, but she was sure awful cute!

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Every once in a while you get a friendly one! My grandfather had a way with animals - and they'd come eat nuts out of his hand. But if anyone moved - they'd skitter away in an instant!

That is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We put up bird feeders that stick to the windows (with suction cups). The squirrels bolt when the cats lunge at them the first time - but they very quickly catch on the cats can't get them. It is hysterical to watch the squirrels that enjoy taunting the kitties!
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I would suspect this squirrel is used to being fed.
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I love red squirrels!
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What a cute little friend!
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Oh you are so lucky!!!
I do have a funny little story to tell. There was this little blue jay on our roof the other day and he was frantically kicking leaves off and as they floated to the ground, my little cat was catching them in her paws. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that... or even a video! It was just so cute!
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Awwww, too cute!
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How sweet! He is adorable! Oh, and look at his little squirrel hands!
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So bold! They are cute little buggers aren't they? In London in some parks they were so tame they'd eat right out of your hand.
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I think she's a young squirrel, probably this years' baby. People don't feed the squirrels around here - they are fun to watch and they aren't really regarded as vermin (unless they get into your attic!), but they aren't regarded at all actually. People don't seem to think about them unless they have kitties that like to watch them.
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Oh how cute! They are such curious and interesting little creatures.
Put some peanuts outside for her, maybe she'll become your pal.
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