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Being Erica (semi-spoiler)

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I guess this only applies to Canadians as I don't think it plays in the USA; but it's a fantastic show!! Everyone I talk to that watches it LOVES it, especially my husband who is in LOVE with the main character .

Anyway the season premier was on last night and it was really really good! I didn't realize how much I missed new episodes during the summer. Erica went back in time and we learned a whole lot about her therapists' past, and even that there is another person in therapy with a different therapist!

Can't wait for next week .
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Being interested in a weekly show always gives me something to look forward to.
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I'm so bummed no one here watches this show! You're all really missing out on something good :P.
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I find that although hubby and I are empty-nesters, I don't have a lot of time to sit and watch TV so I have to choose my shows carefully and on the nights that I don't have other things going on. When Jennifer was a baby I had next to no time for TV in the evenings. By the time I finished all my chores after working all day, I was ready for bed. Now, I find I'm just as busy in the evenings - go figure!
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They play re-runs of this show in the U.S. I think on Lifetime. I've seen it before advertised, about the Women who goes to her therapist and each episode she travels back in time to fix a mistake she made in life, but sometimes she realizes mistakes aren't always worth fixing.
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Yep, had to interup my internet-ing for hubby's doctor appointment but I was going to say it's exactly as keith described. However, it is VERY well written & not hookey at all, or trust me I wouldn't watch it!

When Jennifer was a baby I had next to no time for TV in the evenings.
Ugh, I understand that sentiment! However, I've really made it a point of sitting down with hubby for at least an hour every night, even if we're just staring at the TV. Otherwise it will end up that 2 or 3 days would go by and I'd have no idea what was going on in his life!

During the summer we're out and about in the garden or just tending to things outside, but fall/spring/winter around here is TOO cold for that sort of buiness!

I'm really lucky my little guy is active enough I can just plunk him in different rooms around the house and clean, and then clean up the mess he made... but ask me again in 3 months when I have 2
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