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Skittish kitty!

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I rescued my little girl from a foster home [a lady who rescues cats to adopt out, and has about 80 in her home!], she was previously found on the streets of South Beach, Miami. I got her at 3 months old, and she has been skittish to almost everyone since day one! She immediately took me in as "mom" and rubbed, loved, and kissed on me for almost a week straight barely letting me get up off the bed or couch! She is extremely close to me and me only, and im the only one who's lap she will lay on etc. At first she hid from my parents, but eventually took to them as well. At times she will play with everyone just fine, but also sometimes she will see you coming and run like shes never seen you before! Often times she puffs up like a little scaredy cat and books it! We are pretty much the only 3 people she allows around her, and with us she is great. However, I always talk about how cute and sweet she is, but she definitely doesn't allow anyone else to see her or come near her. As soon as someone comes into the house she runs for her life hiding under my bed or under the couch, anywhere that she wont be bothered. Sometimes ill try to hold her and allow someone to pet her, so she can see its okay...but she isn't having any of it and jumps right out of my arms! Ive had a cat before who was the total opposite and loved to see people, and would only run if there were a loud noise or if he felt threatened. I know they are all different, but Im just wondering if she will grow out of this or if there is any way to get her more comfortable around other people. Mostly, im just glad she loves ME, but I dont want her to always feel so scared if there is a guest in the house..it breaks my heart like im doing something mean to her! She really doesnt even like to be held, and meows like a baby when you do!

I have no idea what happened in her early life, but I know at her foster home she was well cared for. Maybe she became like this from living on the streets, im not sure...

At the vet you'd think she would be the same way, fighting to get away or jump off the table, but instead she lays there, allows the vet or tech to hold her, and even allowed that SAME friend who she runs from at my house..to pet her [without any fuss!].

Any insight would be great, im happy with her the way she is [I like all the attention from my baby, I wont lie!] but I also dont want her to feel so scared by others, so if im able to help I will.
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You just described my Holland to a T! She is exactly the same way. I've had her for almost a year and I'm the only person she does not run away from. She cuddles with me, she sleeps on my bed, often on ME and while she doesn't necessarily like to be held, she'll humor me every once in a while...

I too tell everyone how cute and sweet she is, then whenever I have people come over she runs away and hides. Maybe she just likes to make a liar out of me. She too won't try to run from the vet, but she does try to make herself as small as possible when she's getting her checkups, like she knows it's going to happen so she might as well get it over with as soon as possible.

I have a friend whose parents live out of state and have two cats, they are skittish too. Whenever my friend visits home it takes the cats about a week before they won't hide from her under the bed. Always at about the time she's leaving!

I'm no expert, but I think some kitties are just like that. I wouldn't expect her to grow out of it, but if she has the same people around day in and day out she will probably get used to them. Holland was 5 months old when I adopted her and she'd been at the shelter for 2 months already. She was brought in as a stray, so like you I have no idea what happened to the little girl in the first few months of her life. It took her a few days before she was comfortable with me, and that was with me being home most of the time.

It can be aggravating at times, but it's also nice to know that YOU are the one person she loves and trusts above everyone else.
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I have 3 cats that are just like yours!!! They love me and only me... and they hide when anyone but my husband comes in the house. I have no advice to give, just love your kitty
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