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Can anyone help?

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We have a 12 year old Fold in a Kill Shelter in Mountain Home, AR 160 miles north of Little Rock, AR
If transport from Mountain Home to Little Rock can be made at any time we may be able to get Highlander to the Houston,Tx area and then with ease to his new home.

If anyone travelling from the St Louis Annual is driving through Little Rock to the Texas area that is willing to transport Highlander please contact us.
Cathy scotfold@netcom.ca
Shirley slittle@brazosport.cc.tx.us
Kim cats@selectrec.net

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bump..in case if someone missed this!
I do hope that someone can help this little one!
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Hissy, my parents live in Mountain Home and I have an Aunt in Little Rock. Chances of them going there for a vist any time in the near future are extremley thin but I'll check with them when we talk Sunday just to see.
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MA - when we were looking into transport for Booger, I think I got an e-mail from a pet transportation volunteer network that was not dedicated just to Maine Coons. Let me look back through my e-mails and see if I can find it.
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Doesn't look like I'll be able to help. Sorry.
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I couldn't find the e-mail or PM, but I did PM the person that I THINK originally contacted me about that potential option.
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