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I swear he knows...

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I have NEVER had a problem with Hercules spraying..He is getting neutered on Saturday and I swear he knows because BF and I keep talking about it....And last night I came home and couldnt figure out why I smelled pee even after I cleaned the litter boxes...HE PEED!!!!! on the carpet next to the laundry baskets...OHHH I was mad! I cleaned it up went out today got an enzyme cleaner shampooed the carpet and cleaned it..No more smell..But Im telling ya what! HE KNOWS HES GETTING FIXED!! I think he is acting out cuz his hooties are getting chopped off!! I know most of you think cats dont know about this stuff..But Im telling you he does..LOL..But regardless the count down is on my gas tank is filled up and Ive got the money hidden for his surgery!! 3 days to go!!! Tough cookies for Hercules...GiGi is next!!! haha
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They say the cat is a mystical animal! I am taking Fetty in for the same thing Oct 13. He is just 6 months old. Dr. said to wait awhile for males. Hope he doesn't have plans to do the same!
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Ill keep my fingers crossed for you...Right now Im in a state of panic because theres still 2 days till we leave and I DO NOT want my house reeking of pee till he gets fixed!
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I think they always know when something is UP.
Getting fixed, going on vacation, new pet coming home, guests coming over... etc.
Mine always know 10 minutes before my husband gets home from work - and his shifts change week to week, not the same time every day by any means. They all gather at the top of the stairs to wait for him.
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I know what you mean my schedule is pretty well fixed on what I work but sure enough when I get off and Im home there are 4 animals waiting by the door for me to walk in..LOL...
So far he has been well behaved..Ive gotten his pee spot cleaned up and have it soaked in enzyme cleaner so the smell is gone but now Ive got my nose out and sniffing around because I refuse to let my house get stinky and his pee SMELLS gross..I cant wait for Saturday its going to be so nice for him to not have smelly pee anymore..I also found a place to get a coupon for Franklin to get fixed my mini doxie...So Im happy 1 down 2 to go..GiGi and Franklin are next on the "chopping" block.
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You are doing a great thing. Are you certain he "sprayed" (backed up to something, left a vertical stream of pee, which is usually marking behavior) or could he possibly have squatted to pee (which usually means a urinary tract infection)? It might be worth mentioning when you take him to do the deed, particularly if you see him squatting outside that box anywhere else.
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Nope it was just a little trickle...I accidentally "walked in" on him peeing after I cleaned up the mess...He was as shocked as I was because I normally check to make sure Im not going to see any kitty business going on..LOL..He is peeing in his box just fine and dandy. It was just a little trickle that went down the side of the dresser next to the laundry baskets...I shampooed the carpeting and soaked it in cleaner just in case it trickled onto the carpet. I didnt want to leave anything to chance. I also have a "no remarking" spray that I sprayed on the dresser..So far no more incidents and he has been in hiding between the bene-bac and the neutering Im pretty sure hes going to dispise me for a day or two..But oh well...TOMORROW is the big day..Im excited I feel like a responsible pet owner now!! :o) This is going to be such a good thing!
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My cat, who never sprayed in his life - inside - (until we brought in a feral female last year) is famous for doing the dresser and laundry baskets, too! Wonder what the reason is?
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Ive never had a problem with Herc either till the mentioning of getting him fixed has been the "HOT" topic in our house. It probably doesnt help that Ive taken to calling him Neutie boy...He is hiding from me right now because he just got his dose of Bene Bac.
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