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Suckling on each other

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One kitten is really sucking on the others belly. I have seperated them but she just cries and cries. When I tried putting them back together she immediately rolled her sister over and started rooting around. Is there something I can do to allow them to stay together, they really need each other. Could I put a fuzzy sock/sweater on the kitten so her sister could suckle and not hurt her or should I just keep them seperate?
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Mine do that too, but I think they are more trying to bite each other then anything else .

I have noticed how often they curl up to mom just to suckle instead of nurse - it's too bad they don't make teeny tiny pacifiers!!

A sock/sweater is a good idea, but I wouldn't worry about it too much unless she's hurting the other kitten (watch she doesn't create a soar or break the skin) I'm sure she's just doing it for comfort.

Hows the littler one doing BTW?
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The littlest one is the one who really wants to suckle, other than that she is doing fine. I wish I could invent a fuzzy, fake mommy for orphaned kittens to suckle and cuddle up to. Hmmmm, maybe I should work on that
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Just get a plush cat & attach some bottle nipples .
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
Just get a plush cat & attach some bottle nipples .
I had thought about that. I also thought I could remove the stuffing and leave an opening to put a warm rice sock in. That would be so great!
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You need one of those cats they had when I was little. The cat had a velcro tummy and "gave birth" to several kittens (they had dog ones too). That would be perfect!
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That rice bag idea would actually work, I bet... Find a stuffed kitty toy, large enough to be realistic, and slice open the belly, remove some of the stuffing, replace with a warmed bag of rice, maybe use small sticky velcro pieces to close up the belly, with the option to reopen again later to warm the rice again. Babies will suckle on the "fur" of the stuffed kitty, and cuddle with it. I bet that'd work.

I had bottle babies yeeears ago that suckled each other's private parts to the point they were inflamed and painful, I had to separate them. Keep an eye on your babies, make sure they are not hurting each other.

My 7 month old neutered male still suckles my 6 y/o neutered male - usually on his shoulder or chest, and he leaves yellow-ish soggy stains on the 6 y/o's white fur. It's gross, but Cage (6 y/o) desn't mind, he actually seems to like the attention usually. IT's not hurting anyone, I figure, so I leave them alone.
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