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cat shedding excessively

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Hi, I don't know if you all remember me, I wrote a few months back, I introduced my cat and myself. Sorry I havent been around a lot, its just because I got the great news that i was pregnant back in april, so we are very excited, and we all got caught up in the baby thing. ok here goes my problem, My cat kia, is shedding a lot, I mean I vacum one day the next day is all over the table on top of the tv, everywhere, and i just dont know what to do, My husband takes her outside and brushes her every other day, We asked my OB GYN if cat hairs affected babies and she said no, but I'm still concerned about it, I mean cause its not clean for a baby to be around so many hairs, and I'm thinking when I wash his/her bottles, hairs are going to fly around and land on the bottles or something, and it's just impossible to vacum the blinds, corners,and top of furniture everyday, I mean who has the time and energy to do all that everyday???? At least I don't, so if any one has had this problem or if you think you can help me, i would really appreciate it, thanks lizz
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Congratulations on the baby! I have problems with my cats losing their fur a lot too. It really helps to brush them sometimes, at least just a little bit once a day if you have time. That way most of the fur comes off onto the brush instead of all over the house. There are also shedding combs that you can get that help too. I know you may not have time to do a lot of brushing, but even a couple of minutes will help.
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Congratulations on the new baby! Do you have a long haired or short haired cat? What are you feeding the kitty? If you are feeding an inexpencive food it could be lacking in nutrients and causing hair loss. Cat hair will not harm the baby!

You might want to breast feed for a while to give the baby a good start in life. It transfers antibodies essencial to your baby's health and is the perfect food for him or her. When my children were small they went from breast feeding to sipper cups. No bottles to wash, sterelize, and put away. No worries if the nipple of the bottle was clean enough, or if it was too old and full of bacteria. No fear of making the formula too hot or too cold, and best of all you never run out and it doesn't go bad! LOL

I would also have the kitty checked at the vet just in case there is a health problem acusing the hair loss. It may be reacting to the change of mood in the house, the new things coming in, and is becoming stressed. Talk to the kitty and reassure it that everything is Ok and give it a little extra attention.

Hope this helps a little.
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