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Here is "Help I need a Name" Striped Bloodred

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This guy is amazing.... I'm going to continue to update this with progression pics. I couldn't be more happier with him.

I'll also post pics once I get him settled in his home.

DOH (date of hatch): beginning of July 2009

FYI: the cap in the pic is a bottle cap.... That gives ya'll a sizing estimate.

Anyways, here is the little booger.... More pics to follow once he's moved into his new home.

He is het anery, and I have a nice female to go with him. Eventually he'll produce me bloods and Granites. I'm hoping his striping helps make the babies patterns almost non-existant.

If ya'll haven't guessed, bloodred is my fav. gene to work with

Now the lil one needs a name..... I haven't fed him yet, so I don't know if he is spazzy or not....but as of now, he hasn't bit me or tried to. He seems relatively calm. As he ages, most of his striping will fade, and with any luck, he will be a solid red boy.

Any name suggestions would be great.
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Is he going to get a lot bigger, or is he pretty well full-grown now? Obviously, I don't know anything about snakes.
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His color is beautiful. I have no ideas for names, but something to do with his red color might be cool. (I too was wondering about the size).
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Bit of an odd name for a snake, but the fire association makes me think : Calcifer
(don't know if you ever saw a Miyazaki movie called Howl's Moving Castle, but there was a fire demon in it called Calcifer)

For the other posters: That snake still has a lot of growing to do. he'll be big enough to eat full sized mice, even small rats once he's grown!
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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post
Is he going to get a lot bigger, or is he pretty well full-grown now? Obviously, I don't know anything about snakes.
These are Corn snakes a species of rat snake.
They get 3 to 5 feet long, though I don't recall ever seeing one over 4 feet.
They are some of the prettiest and most docile snakes in the pet trade.
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As someone already mentioned, yes, he has alot of growing to do. You see that white bottle cap in a couple of pics? It is indeed a bottle cap, off a water bottle. (should give size reference)

Most of his growth will occur within the first 18mos of his life. A high percentage of his food intake goes straight to growth (very little is poo'd out).

Here is a full grown cornsnake on a standard flight of stairs. This is Ruby she's a 5' female bloodred. She is a big girl. My corns average 4.5ft in length and 1200gr or so. Although I do have one girl who is her from a friend who wanted her to go to a home where she could get more exercise, so she came here.

Females grow larger than males.... I would expect this guy to be a typical male and max out around 4-4.5' when full grown.
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What about Firenze?

OK.... Hayden is the Welsh version of Aden which means "little fire.
Hotaru is Japanese for lightening bug
Kenith means "born of fire"
Quidel is Native American (Mapuche) for burning torch
Rowtag is Algonquin for fire
Elmo (as in St. Elmo's fire - the electrical stuff seen sometimes in ship's rigging)
Nuriel (Light or Fire of God)
Tandie (variant of Tandr - Old Norse for fire)
Conroy (Irish for wise, red)
Harkin (irish for dark red)
Raktim (Hindi for dark red)
Rurik - slavik for red
Rufus - red haired
Roux - french for red
Rory - Irish for red

Russell / Russet / Russ

Antares (the big red star)
Carmine (variant of Crimson)
Clancy (red warrior)
Rowan (little redhead)
Sorrell (red brown)
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I so want to send that picture to my dad! he's a major snake-phobe!

I really like Rory, or Chillie, or Elmo what about just 'Red'?
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Chile is a good name regarding his color
He's beautiful--I love his color!

I also always had a thing for the name Mouschi (pronounced Moo-chee)
It was the name of Peter Van Daan's tomcat in Anne Frank's diary. I just love that name! It has that sort of ring to it... Mouschi... Come here Mouschi... lol IDK Let me know when you think of a name! I think Mouschi ended up running away... that's when Peter and Anne got close. Did you ever read the book?
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Did any of the names "take?"
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Blaze just shed and had his first meal with me

Feeding pic below

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He going to eat that whole thing? That's huge!
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
He going to eat that whole thing? That's huge!
He is, and he did Snakes are amazing that way.

The general rule of thumb is to feed them something 1.5x the size of the thickest part of the snake

That rodent was a tiny pinkie (meanie baby with no fur) mouse.
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I think its kinda fasinating how snakes can swallow large prey with no hands/paws to help !
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Awww, what a cute little snakes in the first pics! And how gorgeous he's grown up to be! I love snakes, I've been thinking that maybe some day I'll get one, or two..or...
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Ugh. I can look at the pictures of your snakes - but NOT feeding! That was too much for me!
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