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I think he's teaching her to hunt...

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Freya has never been able to hunt, not from the moment we got her. The closest she comes is to come and get us when she hears a mousetrap go off. Cotton's our mouser...and apparently her teacher.
The two of them have had a mouse cornered in the kitchen for the last hour, according to my husband. She tries to catch it and he patiently swats it back to her if it tries to get away. It looks for all the world like he's teaching her to hunt and it's adorable!

DH thinks she doesn't quite understand that she's supposed to kill it.
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Awww, that IS cute! (poor scared mouse - but it's nature's way)

She will figure it out eventually, even if she just plays it to death.
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What I want to know is what Cotton is saying to her. "No, no, no, kill it, that's your job. No it's not a toy, it's a mouse."
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It's so weird to think of him pulling his punches - he's the master of the one-shot-kill, heck, sometimes he doesn't even get up.
It does seem like he's saying "It's our job. This one is a bit harder to kill that the green and purple one, but I know you can do it."

He's just so patient with her.
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That's too cute!
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Aww, that's a cute story. Not so much for the mouse, but for Mr. Cotton being a patient teacher.
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Poor mousie
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That is sweet.

Also made me realize thank GOODNESS we don't have mice here. Cammy always brings stuff to our bed, I know she'd bring a mouse there too!
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Poor mousie
Actually, it got away in the end - no idea how, but they lost it about an hour after I originally posted.

Freya never did quite get the hang of the idea that it wasn't a toy, but I suspect that mouse is not going to come anywhere near our kitchen again.
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