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Daily Thread HUMP day Sept 23rd

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Morning folks,

Well, we had a dramatic night last night. My sister checked herself into a mental health hospital. She had a nervous breakdown last night. She has always had a rough life, and she doesn't make it easier on herself by not making the best decisions. Anyway, I came home to 3 frantic messages from my mom..I called my sister. She seemed like she knew it was the best thing for her to get help. She is not "crazy" or anything..Just overwhelmed and mixed up but to the point of not being able to handle it any more. I am very worried about her, and my two neices who are staying with a friend right now. I am nowhere near them

Anyhoo, that's about all the wind I got for now. I was up until midnight doing the supportive sister thing. *yawn*

Have a good one folks.
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hope she gets better hun!

Not much going on here, went food shopping this morning, then to the vet to get cat food, the girl at the desk told me off and was telling me i overfeed my kitties and well... yes gatto has put on a bit of weight... he is starting to get a big round tummy! ive been feeding them over a cup each a day when i am only ment to give them 1/4 of a cup!
Dh just laughed when i told him because he had noticed gatto had gotten huge!! I am so glad that i switched to Iams because ever since i have gatto hasnt had a uti since!

anyway lazy day there is another episode of ncis tonight so im sitting here watching it with a pepsi! off to bed soon!

Good morning world!
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Morning All!!

Sorry about your sister Nat hope things get better for her.

Pouring rain here this morning and has been all night. I am very achy because of the dampness but what can you do.

Heading out shortly pretty typical day for me.

Even the kitties aren't happy about the weather they have already went back to bed...

Everyone have a great day
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Not much happening here. Home sick nursing a bad cold.
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Not too much going on. Just hanging out at work and trying to get some writing done. I'll be heading to the gym after work, then I'll spend a quiet night at home with the kitties. Weather seems to be somewhat nice today sunshine and only scattered showers about. Everyone enjoy your first full day of Fall.
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Troutsmom--I just read your post. I am so sorry! . That has to be hard. Many vibes to you and your family that you all get through this and she gets better Major to you!

Good Morning all! I have school in a bit, turing in my take home test....very nervous about that. Then to the barn, jumping lesson, I dont want to fall off! I pray I get through jumping okay today. Then back to class, home and a night time to breathe!! Oh and its going to be another hot one here.....fall where are you?? I hope everyone has a great day!
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Morning. Cloudy and foggy and gloomy out this morning, as usual. Then should be in the 90s later today I suppose. Trout's Mom, I hope your sister can get sorted out and get better soon!

I am excited today because today is my appointment with a rheumatologist which I have been waiting for for 2.5 months! I hope he can fix me. Or at least doesn't rush me. I hate doctors who make me feel like I'm wasting their time.

I went to Party City yesterday, so I think I have most of the party supplies for Genever's birthday party (aka our beer tasting party) on Saturday. Just have to make a list of food items to get on Friday and then we'll be set for the prep work and then fun time!

Bosses are still out of town today so it'll be another quiet day at work. At least it's a short day because of my appointment.

Have a good day everyone!
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