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What to feed?

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What can feed a cat I've found if I don't have any cat food? I'm a vegetarian, so I don't have any meat either. I can't keep the cat because pets aren't allowed in my dorm. What can I do to help the stray cats I find on campus? I know some people say not too feed, but I'm just wondering about your thoughts on this.
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If you are located in the US, you could contact http://www.ae.utexas.edu/cats/ for information on how to help the cats on campus.

You are a kind and caring person to be concerned for their welfare. When you start feeding them, that has to be a commitment. They will count on you for food.

A hungry cat may eat most anything. But, they are carnivores and need protein and fat.

Have you contacted administration to see if there is anyone that cares for them? Maybe check with the employees that care for the grounds or maintenance.

Best of luck to you.
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You do have this found cat with you at this moment right? He is hungry and the shops arent open yet?

Try to give him something... Preferably a little but of several so he can choose. You will see if he eats anything of it. Vegetarian food isnt poisonous, it is simply not sufficient for cats.

Btw. Common milk may be not good, better with low-lactose milk. Water is best.

Otherwise most easy is to go to a shop and buy cat food. Easiest dry food, as you can keep it, and use when the need arises. Do have it well closed, no contact with air - air destroys.
If are buying some cheap brand, as is the most common in the usual food-shops, take their Kitten variation. Or their variation for active cats. These have more nourishment.

As for giving food to loose cats on the campus area - you had already got some good answers.
Giving the hungry food is nice. But it will be really good firstly when you have a plan with it. It is best if you are part of a network.

Besides, there is also a risk, if any of them DO belongs somewhere. If such free roaming a little shy home cat gets food outside, there is a risk he dont returns home... More then one homeless was made this way.
So IF you give food, be sure they are homeless or otherwise in need of help.

Good luck!
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That is so sweet of you to care - and to look for advice on what to do.

Stray cats are often a problem on college campuses. I'm sure you can imagine why... and as their "parents" didn't get them spayed or neutered... feral cats become a problem (their kittens - and those kittens' kittens).

Wherever you heard that it is best not to feed them, that is correct. If you have no plans to have them trapped, vaccinated and sterilized, please do not feed them. Feeding provides them calories enabling them to breed, and it attracts them all to one place - where males will fight over the females. Males have been known to kill kittens in order to put the female back into heat.... so the best advice is to either begin working with a rescue group to trap, vaccinate and "speuter" or do nothing at all.

If you're pretty sure there are more, you can search for TNR or rescue groups in your area.

If you want to read up on TNR (in addition to the great link provided by Skimble), click on the Stray Pet Advocacy picture (it's a link) in my signature line.

This is a site devoted to feral cats & full of info: http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=191

If you want to search for TNR or rescue groups, you can search here:

Check Alley Cat Allies' Feral Friends Network (it includes TNR groups, if any, in the area): http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=355
Google "cat rescue in (Your town, State)" or "cat rescue in (Your County, State)"

Thank you for wanting to help!
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