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semi-feral mom rejects newborn kitten

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i trap feral cats for TNR, we trapped a pregnant female the other day but she gave birth today. she only had two kittens, they look slightly premature. they don't really have fur and seem less developed than other newborn kittens i have seen. one kitten didn't make it but the other one seems like a fighter. the mother cat is turning out to be mildly friendly but she is totally freaked out by being trapped and isn't taking care of the remaining kitten. we moved them from the trap to a small room, the mom is hiding, leaving the kitten alone.

i got KMR and just fed him. unlike his mom, his instincts are better, he responded well to the syringe of formula. he's so small i'm not sure if i'm burping him right but he seems okay now, in a box with a towel and heating pad on one side.

i will keep feeding him, but my question is, is there a chance the mom will come around and start nursing him? if not, I want to move her to another room, as I fear for the kitten's safety. she's not violent towards him but i'm afraid she'll hurt him. so is there any chance a mother who rejects her newborn will come around and do the right thing?

it is also possible she still has more kittens to birth, 2 total seems odd. i have lots of cat experience but little with newborns. tomorrow i will confer with the cat rescue group i work with, but for tonight i'll be feeding him every couple of hours.
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Use my website if you need help If the mom is young it may be that she doesn't want to be a mom and she might just try and hurt the kitten. I would get mom spayed, her milk will drop 24 hours after surgery then try and get her to take the kitten again. If unsuccessful, then you should take over the care of the kitten and do your best for him.
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To your second question. Yes, it is possible she has still the remainder of the litter, and she will give birth to them in due time.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the help folks. Unfortunately the kitten did not last the night. I was feeding every 2 hours and he seemed to be doing okay, but when I got up at 4am he was gone. It's sad but I suppose not surprising. Still kind of depressing of course.

So if the mom still has kitten to bear, how much time could elapse between births? It's been almost a day now, could she really have more kittens in there? and of course the real question is, will she care for them? time will tell i guess.
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Ooo... RIP little fighter.

Tx very Jimmylegs for trying.

Yes, it was not so surprising. Human babies are tough at premature birth. Cats arent, most premature dies. Although of course, as long as the kitten fights on, the battle is worth to fight on for the rescuer, however upphill a battle.

IF she has more kittens, I expect they will be delivered in their due time. What do you think looking at these premature?. 1 week forward??
I hope this time it will get better.
1. She has been with you this additional week, and had the time to settle down, to stress down. Very important!
2. These will be full-time. She and her hormones will be better prepared. And many cat moms tend to leave be sick babies. These now will be full-time and hopefully healthy.

Lets hope for the very best. If I was a bookmaker, I would bet heavily on you now.

Good luck!
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Offer at least two nest options in the room where you have the Mama cat, so she can choose a birthing place, and a place to keep the babies, if she has any more, and if she wants to move them away from the birthing place. I suggest two nests because she is feral.

This works great: A medium-sixed cardboard box with a hole big enough for her to walk through, one hole on each end (so she does not feel trapped when inside), with the top flaps closed but not secured with tape, so you can open the top flaps and peek inside at a later date. Put old (clean) towels & rags in the bottom of the box, for nesting materials, to keep babies comfortable & warm.

Good luck!
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