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Bobber's surgery is tomorrow

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I'm dropping Bobber off early tomorrow for her third surgery for breast cancer.

I took her early last month for xrays as we felt the masses again but the vet wanted to wait a bit until the tumors were a bit larger and the margins more defined.

After a visit last week we decided to proceed with her surgery. The xrays of her lungs both times looked good.

Hopefully they can get it all this time.

She is a bit crabby as we haven't let her outside since sunday night and she knows somethings brewing.

I try to post before I leave for my sister's tomorrow. Neil will have to handle the post op and the struggle of giving her pills.
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Prayers for her.
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Third times the charm as the old saying goes!!
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Will be thinking of Bobber.
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many for Bobber. I hope this is her last surgery
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All paws crossed for Bobber!
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for a successful and easy surgery! Good luck Bobber!
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Lots of for an easy and successful surgery and a quick recovery for Bobber.
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Sending love and major mojo for a successful surgery followed by quick and easy healing for your sweetie pie.
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Many vibes for Bobber and a successful surgery
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I hope all went well - sorry I wasn't early enough to send vibes earlier today. But I'm sending vibes for a quick and successful recovery - and I hope this will do the trick, and she will not be visited by cancer again!
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