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I'm a BAD mommy!!

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I am staying with my brother and sister-in-law for a while. It's nice because they have their spare room in the basement with its own bathroom, so it's like having my own little apartment. There's a big closet in the bathroom where I keep Holland's food/treats/spare toys, etc. I let her poke around in there when I'm downstairs, but close the door when I'm not so she's not tempted to "break in" to her treat bag...

Well apparently she was playing in there last night when I closed the closet door and went to bed. I got up this morning to use the bathroom and heard scratching from inside the closet. I opened the door and there was my little black kitty. She had been in there for 8 hours!!!

I let her out and apologized over and over again. She immediately went to her litter box (she didn't have any accidents in the closet, phew!) then went to get some food and water - she was drinking for like a minute straight!!

I think she has forgiven me by now, but OH I felt SO bad!! Usually when she gets locked in (or out) somewhere she will mew loud enough to even wake me up, but I just didn't hear her last night. Poor little thing...
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Aww...but I think we've all managed to close our kitties in a closet or somewhere - and that will be the one time they don't meow loud enough to wake the dead. But, I bet you'll be doing headcounts now no matter how tired you are, or how quickly you need to leave - at least that's what I do now!

I bet she forgave you 5 minutes after she was out - but don't you wonder what they think when we do accidentally lock them somewhere?
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This has happened with me too. The door to the closet doesn't stay put all of the way so the kitties can easily open if they push hard enough. They've been locked in there before for a few hours and no accidents occured when we figured out where they were.

I felt awful this morning as I accidentally knocked one off the cat tree trying to find the light switch this morning. Poor Nacho, I made up for it by hugging him and giving him tons of scratches on the cheeks and back. I think he forgave me.
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Awww, she probably just curled and and slept most of the 8 hours away! And good girl for no accidents! I've done that before. I locked one of my former cats in the bathroom (tropics, no aircon and no ventilation) for over 9 hours while I went to work one day. He did leave me a present but was nice enough to leave it in the tub. Definitely couldn't blame him!

Then, there was the time I shut Harley in the it could have been worse!
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I locked Cammy in the closet. Not very long though. I hear her say "MEOW?" I say "What, Cammy?" Then I hear scratching and I'm thinking, "what is she into now?" Then I turn around and her entire front leg is sticking out from under the door, it was very funny. She was only in there about three minutes though.
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two times i was searching around the house for my kitties and went frantic, dh kept on telling me to calm down because they had not escaped.... 5 hours later i decided to open the waldrobey thing and there they were!!!

Got scared and cried for nothing!
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