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Unusual hiding places

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My dynamic duo enjoys hide and seek games, especially with each other. (ignore the shoes in the background )


Logan - Meowmy, don't give my secret hiding spot away! (he can fit his whole body into an 18-pack of Coke. Oddly enough, this is one of his regular hiding spots)

Nacho notices that there is something funny about the soda box. "Oh, my brother is in there, take that for trying to squish me in the rug the other day"

Logan: Oh, he's gone, phew.

nope, he's back!!!!

I can see you but can i reach you?
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Too cute! Thanks for the laugh!
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Apparently, Nacho thinks his brother is very squishable. They are both very cute!
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Hahahahaha! Those pics are great. I especially like the one of Logan looking all chill before Nacho pounces once again. I needed a laugh, so thanks.
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Those are terrific! I love sequence shots, thanks for sharing. Gorgeous catties!
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Oh my goodness! Your Nacho looks just like my Le Le! Your kitties are very cute! Whenever my fiance and I come home from the store Le Le gets very excited and waits to see what fun box we have came home with. Silly kitties...
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Very cute pics! And your kitties are beautiful!!!
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I think Nacho needs a bigger bag

Great pics
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