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Cheeky monky!!

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The past year,since we moved to where we are now, Tabitha and Daisy have had to become house cats ( till we find somewhere with our own garden. We live too near a busy road and get a lot of foxes) They both seem very happy about it and belive me get a lot of exercise !! For past year, we have had a beautiful cat coming or living in our garden, who thinks our garden, we share is hers !! She is a beige colour with dark spots and a stripy tail. If she was mine, i wouldn't let her out, for fear of her being stolen ! She did have a collar on a few weeks ago, but hasn't got it now.

Well, ths pretty kitty comes and goes and pops into our neighbours as if she lives there/here ! I have tried to explaine the rules of teritory that, yes, you can defend your teritory,but not when this isn't YOUR garden !! There was one night at about 3 am, when this kitty decided to climb through our neighbours kitchen window and knocked off all the pots and pans etc off the draining board !! And woke us all up !!
Well up untill last week end, she has been banned from our neighbours for peeing on the baby's clothes! , which i can compleatly understand and thought nothing else of it.

Well, last night we were watching tv, when we heard an almighty loud noise, it made us both jump! I quickly went off to make sure Tabitha and Daisy were ok and they were fine, while hubby checked to find what it was. We looked to find out what this noise was but couldn't figure out what is was at all. Then we happend looked out of our window, and saw this beautiful kitty on our flat roof !!!! I think she has now decided that we could be her second home ! I dont know if she was checking out to see if she could get into ours from now on or not ! But she certainly is a cheeky monkey!!
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wants to belong to someone. Could you be the one? She is bound and determined to find some friends!
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Hehe, you were talking about getting another puss!! I remember when I lived with my ex, there was a ginger and white cat that came through our kitchen window. It gave me a heart attack because I thought we'd shut Fable in there and he could've got out... He/she was a lovely cat with a big purr and bright green eyes.

Don't feel guity about keeping your cats in, mine are all indoors until we move and get them a little enclosure, they will never be allowed to roam. You're doing what's best for your cats and they seem very very happy!!! I know it's hard in the UK when people still think it's right to let cats go where they please when this is not possible for everyone especially in the times we live in. (I sound very old!!)
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