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Dog Game Ideas

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My brain is on overload and I need some help!

Can we brainstorm on games that can be played by dogs at a charity event?

For example: The shell game for dogs! We are going to use 3 kids sand pails and milk bones. One bone under a pail...move them around and see if the dog can find the bone! (The dog will get the bone regardless of finding it or not!)

Any other ideas?

Thanks for helping!!
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By dogs? or with dogs?

Can you tell us some more about the charity event?
Fundraiser or Adopt-a-thon?

Hurdles are always TONS of fun for dogs & kids.
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It is a festival. With doggy costume contests. Lots of vendors etc.

One of the feedbacks we have gotten is that there isnt anything (besides the contests) for the owners to do with their dogs. So, I was thinking we could have "games" that the dogs could try that would also make a bit more money if it was a dollar a game...or something like that.
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Definitely go with the hurdles then!

What about bobbin for tennis balls? (in a big kiddie pool)
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Hurdles would be good, or any kind of beginner agility course (I'm guessing these are just normal dogs, not show dogs that would be trained for agility).

You could have a contest to see how many tennis balls or frisbees they can catch in a row. You could set up a run and have races (either against each other or time them with a stop watch) based on size or breed. A contest with the cutest trick, or who does the best "play dead" trick. Of course, if there was a contest for "who could completely destroy a plush dog toy and get the squeaker out" my dogs would will hands down!

Just some ideas...I'll keep thinking.
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I am the Event Planner at the Doggy Daycare I work at. We do a lot of events like this during the year! So heres what we do the most:

Trick Contest. Always a good one because owners get to show off their dogs skills.

Bobbing for Hotdogs. We like this cause it is an easy one we dont have to do anything with. We just cut up the allbeef hotdogs and let them float in some water the dogs love it!

PupCake Walk: Set up like a cake walk but the owners walk the dogs around the circle and win dog cakes or treat baskets

Squeeker Grab: Like the carnival game with the ducks with the colored circle on the bottom. The dogs pick a squeeker and whichever color dot it has on the bottom is what prize they get.

Treat Seek: Rope off a section of yard and hide various toys and treats throughout and let the owners and dogs line up and then on the count of 3 go gather as much as they can. The hunting dogs always love this!

You may also want to get some info on Flyball and see if there is a team in your area that can do a demonstration for everyone! Always fun!

If you want to know any more please feel free to PM me! Like I said, I do this for work! And actually I am planning an event on Saturday so I can help out in anyway I can!
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