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My pretty, new little stray "outdoor cat"

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Here she is, coming home from the vet. We (my roomie, specifically) are calling her "Sissycat."

She's a sweetheart, and a sealpoint dilute tortie moggie. She was diagnosed with Coccidia, and got a megadose today. The vet gave me a discount on everything and didn't charge me for the overnight boarding or exam, which was really nice.

As much as I would like to take her inside, I just can't. All my kits met me in the living room, demanding to know what was going on, LOL. Sissycat will get a shelter set up under my picnic table, where she tended to stay all day anyway.

Vet thinks she is between 4-6 years of age, based on her teeth, which surprised us, since she is so small.

Here she is a couple more times:

Oh, some nomnomnom, thank you!

You mean I am free to go, now?
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Aww, she's beautiful! How nice of you to take care of her!
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oh, she's gorgeous... I can understand your dilemma... I grew up with outdoor cats, and my parents still have one... as long as she has food, shelter, and regualr visits to the vet, she should be okay.... I won't have outdoor cats again, but I do understand...

Man, I want a meezer... can't have more cats in my apartment...

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What a beauty!
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My roomie put a collar on her (black with moons and stars, and it looks like it was made for her) and she took to it perfectly. She hasn't left my back yard AT ALL since we came home from the vet.

I informed my roomie she needs to go buy the cat some food on HER DIME since she's the one that encouraged it and since I already have 5 little mouths to feed. 5 little jealous mouths - they know there's a kitty in the yard getting attention, so they are all in the windows keeping watch.
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What a beautiful cat!
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Aww, she's so pretty! Very sweet of you to take care of her.
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She's gorgeous! Would she be considered a tortie point DSH?
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Aw, she's a doll-baby. Good for you for taking care of her!
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What a beauty! I had a Sissy! She was all tortie. Lived to be 21, I miss her still though it's been 12 years.

Hurray for you and your roommate for caring.
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Betsy, she's gorgeous! Looks like she picked the right house to hang around
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oh she is a beauty
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What a pretty girl!
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Really great that the vet helped you help Sissycat!! She's beautiful.

We have 4 volunteer cats. We, too, have to keep them outside - which goes against everything I believe , but at least they get food, water, and shelter instead of running the streets trying to survive on their own. We were able to get them altered which makes me feel better about the care we're providing.

We have 3 that we adopted and they are all inside - they've never been out unless it was for medical reasons, or an emergency out-of-town trip.

Hope Sissycat's collar is a safety collar - I'm sure it is, but just had to mention it because I'm such a mommy! Sorry.
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