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Shocking news

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You may recall I told you about going up to Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago for my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. I also mentioned that my wife's 3 brothers live at home. The oldest is almost 56. The youngest is about 50.

Well, Dottie got a call from her mother yesterday just as she was leaving work. Her mother said that she had called and knocked on her oldest brother's door yesterday morning, with no response. Not unusual--he sleeps all sorts of odd hours, and only gets up when he wants to. No job; he's on medical disability.

She called him again after noon, and still no answer, so she opened his door. She tried to wake him, but he was dead; apparently had been for quite a while. They haven't done an autopsy yet, but they will be doing one.

This is a guy who refused to go to the doctor because he believed he'd already had one heart attack, and "the doctor will only tell me to stop smoking." He believed that all the smoking research had been funded and manipulated by anti-smoking fanatics, and smoking could not possibly cause lung cancer.

As you might imagine, this is a real shock to the family. He was 3 days away from his 56th birthday.
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My sympathies to Dottie and her family.
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How horrible for you MIL, To find her son dead. My heart goes out to her and your family
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Oh my goodness, 56 is way too young! I'm so sorry!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
How horrible for you MIL, To find her son dead. My heart goes out to her and your family
Yes, parents expect to outlive their kids, especially when the parent has reach 90!

To put it in perspective, obesity runs in the family. I always say I married Dottie to breed the fat out of her family, and the short out of mine. On her father's side, virtually all of them have their first heart attack in their 50's. Most of them survive it, but not all of them.
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How very sad for you all. My condolences.
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...Iร‚ยดm really so sorry...
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for you entire family, I'm so sorry.
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I am so sorry for you all and expecially for your mother in law. It is sad that some people will only believe what they want to. Maybe he could have lived much longer.
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That is so sad. My thoughts and condolences go out to you, Dottie - especially her mom and the whole family.
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My condolences to Dottie, you and her family.
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I'm so sorry. to you and Dottie. It's good that you got to see him recently.
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ohmygoodness Mike.

How shocking indeed. I am so heart goes out to Dottie, and her family.... you too as well.

I do thank you for posting sad and shocking as it is, things like this help motivate us younger folk such as myself, to lead healthier lives. I know it makes me think about how glad I am to have quit smoking, and reinforces my thoughts to stay a non-smoker.

for everyone. This is very very sad.
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Goodness, Mike! What a shock, especially for your MIL. My condolences to all.
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Wow, that is quite a shock. Very sad too. I'm sorry for your wife's (and family's) sudden loss.
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I can't imagine how hard that must have been for her, to find her son passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Oh Mike, I'm so sorry. And your poor must be horrible for her. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
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My sympathies to your poor MIL and the rest of the family.

Unfortunately healthy or not heart disease runs in families. My father died a week before his 59th birthday. He had a massive heart attack. He was fine before hand.

A few years later my aunt (his sister) joined a study on heart disease. From that we learned the facts.
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Oh, Mike - my deepest condolences to you, Dottie and most especially her mother! How terrible to find a child dead at ANY age! Major for all of you!
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I am very sorry for your wife's family's loss. How is she holding up?
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Dottie's mom is very upset, but they're getting everything taken care of.

The autopsy said it was a huge heart attack that he wouldn't have survived, even if he had it at the hospital.

Dottie is doing some planning about going up for a family reunion type of memorial. Bill would have hated the idea of anything religious, so they'll avoid that.

After that, they really need to get her mom to make a move to someplace where there are full-time people to help her out.
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I'm so very sorry. Dottie and her family will be in my prayers.
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I am so sorry. He's in a better place now
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Oh gosh how very sad. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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