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Orphan kitten feeding

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On Friday night I brought home a new foster kitten (I work at a humane society). He is about 2.5 wks old and doing pretty good. I am hoping that someone will have some tips on bottle feeding because he is quite difficult. This is my first foster this young, all my others have been old enough to lap and even the ones I did bottle feed once or twice a day, it was never this hard!
What is the best way to cut the nipple? The first one I made was too big, and the second one which I am now using, the hole is too small (I cut an x) and I have to squeeze really hard for milk to come out and he gets fussy.
Once it gets flowing then he will latch and suck but for the most part I am having to force feed him and rearrange him every few seconds because the milk isnt flowing and he squirms so much. So I am getting enough milk into him, but how can I make things go more smoothly? I am using KMR BTW.
He didnt poop all weekend until Monday morning and now he is pooping twice a day so I think he was a little constipated but goes fine now, and ALOT.
I think thats it for now, thanks for reading!
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I use sharp sewing scissors (the small ones) to cut my nipples. I make an x with a small hole in the center. It helps if you pinch the nipple so you can see better and you can see how much you are cutting. It will take a few days for the kitten to catch on to the bottle. My current bottle babies took 3 days before they figured out how to suck from the bottle. Keep it up and he will figure it out. You can also try a syringe, it is a little easier to control. Good luck!
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Thanks! I just cut a new one and I think Ive got it right this time, the x I cut before was tiny His bottle is warming now so we'll see...
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The first few days he may just chew on it. It takes a long time to feed that way Once he is good and hungry he will suck and then it gets so much easier
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We have success Far from perfect, but at least the nipple is right now. He does mostly chew but is starting to suck a bit. He is drinking about 15 ml every 3-4 hrs through the day and waits 6 hrs through the night. Does that sound right for a 2.5 wk old? His poop is very liquidy today so I made his milk a little thicker this time.
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Scissors are a good idea, you can also try heating a tapestry needle (quite thick) to enlarge the hole .
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If you make the milk to thick his tummy will get upset and you will have very runny poo. It takes a while to adjust. I also make KMR a little weaker because it is strong, I am actually mixing 1/2 KMR and 1/2 goats milk and we are having very good results this time
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As far as him being very squirmy and hard to feed-I have the same problem with my baby! Try wrapping him in a dish towel- thats what I do and it works like a charm! I keeps his paws held down with the towel untill he latches on and is sucking for a moment and then I loosen the towel a bit so he can get them out and grab the bottle. My hands look like they went thru a meat grinder untill I got the idea to use a towel on him while bottle feeding. Good Luck!!
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