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I cried so hard yesterday (sept 22) the problem with having and loving so many animals is when something negative hapens to one of them.

one of our 3.5 year old female cats was diagnosed with small intestine cancer yesterday.

they want to open her up and try to remove it but they don't have much hope for her. they couldn't even give us a percentage. they are very surprized at her age and having cancer.

any have any ideas on how this usually plays out?

help please

love Menou Lover
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Hi, ML! I can't answer much about cancer - but I am curious to know what happened to your Mom's cats....

Is your mom still with us?
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I'm just wondering how the diagnosis was made?
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I can only imagin how this must feel for you. Terrifying .

I hope and pray that this can be cured. I would be beside myself if I heard news like that about one of mine...

I think there must a chance though, otherwise they wouldn't have suggested trying to remove it. And she is young she has youth on her side. Two positivs there!
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I HATE to say this, but there is a possiblity they would suggest trying to remove it because vets need to make a living too. I don't know your vet or what sort of person they are, I really hope they aren't giving you false-hope.

I would seek out a second opinion, perhaps they misdiagnosed?

for no pain.
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
I would seek out a second opinion, perhaps they misdiagnosed?

for no pain.

This is why I asked about how it was diagnosed. I do not want to give false hope, but my vet was sure Jordan had intestinal lymphoma but I never opted to have exploritory & biopsy. Now over 2 years later Jordan is healthy as ever, his problems were related to medication. That being said if a biopsy has shown cancer, you need to weigh the very young age of your cat against the costs (financial / physical & emotional) of what the vet is suggesting. I agree that perhaps a second opinion is in order if you are concerned.

Many vibes for you to find the correct answer for your kitty.
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they look blood tests and xrays of the cat. she had also lost 4 lbs.

the tumor showed up on the xray as being pretty large in size. they gave us several ideas on which way we could go.

1. more expensive tests to see which kind of cancer that maybe could be treated with radiation and meds.

2. open her up and try to remove the tumor.

she was getting more and more weak by the day and i could see this. she threw up most of what she ate and had diarea. she still loved us all to death and wanted pets and lots of love.

I knew it was not good. there was a 10% chance she might come through the surgey so we opted for the 10% and kissed her goodbye yesterday.

the call came at 2:30pm. the cancer had spread to her aortic artery and there was no chance of hope. I gave them permission to put our love to sleep.

when i hung up the phone through my tears I said a pray to god and my mother. She belongs to you now! take of her you will love her so much as we did here on earth.

i feel responsible for her death plain and simple. has been a very bad year for me. i got diabetis, had emergency gallbladder removal then they tell me i need kemo therapy for 24 weeks for hepititis c i got from a blood transfusion i was 18 years old.

i have lost 70 lbls since march and myself very sick, i had to fly back to michigan in the middle of all this to save an older brother whom the hospitals wanted my permissoin to hospise him without his permission.

i get home to late to find one of my babies week and in pain. i feel like god has abandoned me this year and i have days i just want to give up. if i had only been here i could have maybe saved her.

love menou lover
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Please do not be so hard on yourself. My Casey cat died from a tumor a few years back. This is the price we pay for loving so very much. It is raining now in your life, but please know that the sun will come back out for you. You are very special to care about the smallest of God's creatures. They lived a better life because of you.
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I have tried for the past year to keep my cup half full. I know people around me have it so much worse than I do.

You asked about my mom's cats. Thank you for asking. I had them fixed, shots and dewormed, found them a good home and then my sisiter refused to let them take them : (... Since I had to go back to california I had no choice but to let things play out.

To my great sadness one of them was hit and killed on the busy street they lived on.

I got a call in July that my mother was dropped in the hospital and it was not good. Could I please come home again. To my horror she had broken her shoulder and hip and every nerve ending in her body was on fire. She screamed in pain. The doctors could not put her under to fix the broken bones 4 bothers and a sister sat there and watched as she screamed in agony, some just didn't bother coming at all.

I made the call to let my mother go, rathre than see her suffer further. I never left her side for the next 8 days. I told her of the bridge and all the pets and fields of flowers and how she would love it there. Finally she gave up this life and went to a better place. No one came to see her but me.

I left Michigan thinking never to return again.

My 2nd to the eldest brother was beaten by three men in April resulting in three brain bleeds, cracked ribs, fractured skull and a host of bruises. They didn't think he would live. I recieved a call in Aug from the hostial wanting my permission to put him in a hospice. They needed to have all the siblings sign.

During all this time I am on kemo and my husband is freeking out for my own health.

I pack my bags and head to michigan again. They take me to the hospital and what do i find? My brother siting in bed telling me he loves me and he does not want to die why didn't any one ask him? OH MY GOD

His insurance ran out so they wanted to uthinize him with the help of the family members. everyone signed off except me.

so I stayed till he was put into rehab and he is doing great.

I took the remaining cat from my sister and found it a good home and left Michigan.

Only to come home and find out I lost one of my own to cancer.

love menou lover
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Awe sweetie... I am a bit teary eyed for you, your Mom, all the kitties, your kitty at home and cancer, your brother. You have been on some roller coster and I am sorry for that. Just remember - stay strong - God will not give you anything he does not think you cannot handle, in your case he thinks you can handle a hell of alot. xoxo
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I'm am so, so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved kitty, and all the other horrible things that you've had to endure. I'll will pray for you & your family. Keep the faith and God will be with you. He is not "punishing" you, so please don't blame yourself. Your plate was full, and you did the best you could.

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Oh I am so sorry. I know there are no words that can make you feel better, but sometimes things happen the way that they do for a reason. I am sure you can't see it now, but in the future you might see why this has happend this way.
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I'm so sorry for your loss and hardship. You have done all that you could possible do. Don't blame yourself for anything. Have faith, Things Will Turn Around.
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