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Weird neuter situation (gross pictures)

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Warning, pictures are kinda gross.

My 7 month old cat ('Cash') was neutered last Friday, and seemed happy & healthy, energetic, good appetite, totally normal ... until last night when we noticed this bulbous red thing on his testicles. He still behaves normally, still eating, playing, being a pain in the arse like normal... but this THING is freaking me out a little.

I phoned the vet last night and spoke to him at length. He said if it looks worse today, to bring him into the clinic and have someone look at it. He said it sounded like a hematoma or a blood blister, but because the cat was acting normal, he wasn't very worried. He advised me to put Polysporin on it and keep him quiet & calm (nice try, he's a 7 month-old terror - we locked him up alone last night, but that's the best I can do).

Today, it looks slightly better, but still gross.

Anyone here ever have any experience with this type of thing?


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The one type something like that happened was with a shelter kitty. I want to say it was scar tissue or something like that - the vet went in & surgically fixed it.

IMO, I would take him to the vet today.
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It looks a little "dried up" compared to last night, which is something the vet said is a GOOD thing. I am feeling a little more calm about this, after Googling "cat scrotum hematoma" and "blood blister" and such ... it seems like a hematoma more than anything, which is a collection of blood near an incision or injury, and when small, will dry up/reabsorb on its own after a few days. If the animal is acting like usual, there is no need for concern, but if they start acting "off", they need to be taken to the vet immediately.

I am going to keep an eye on it until lunchtime and see if it changes either way and then try and figure out what I can do... I have no car, and my vet is across the city. There is a vet a few blocks from my home but they are jerks and WAY overpriced, I really don't want to go there unless it IS an emergency.

I am going to wait and give it time.
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Nah, those pictures aren't gross. It sounds to me like just what you say and probably going to be okay.

You called the vet, and if you trust your vet, peace of mind should be yours.

keep us updated, and hurray for you for neutering your boy Cash!
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In this house, we firmly believe in spaying/neutering ... my other cats were also done around 5 or 6 months old. Cash had to wait an extra month due to finances, but we figured it out. It's one of those things: it MUST be done.

His "hematoma" looks ALOT better this afternoon, more dried up and shrunken. I do feel better, it's going away on its own, it seems. Still keeping an eye on him, though.
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Glad he seems to be getting better

I want to say thank you for posting pics.... they are definately helpful, especially if someone else has a similiar situation.

I hope he continues to improve.
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No problem at all.

This morning, the hematoma has shrunk and dried up, so if I hadn't seen it yesterday, I would not have seen it at all, I don't think. Looks like a big scab now, on his scrotum. VERY good.

Poor little guy. My husband winces with sympathy every time I talk about it, or when he sees it. LOL
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Thanks for the happy update!
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