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Does anyone mix food..

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Does anyone feed their cats more than one type of dry cat food a day. I feed my three furkids 4 different types of "premuim" dry food every day for complete nutrition. They get Wellness, Solid Gold, Drs Foster and Smith Chicken and Brown Rice, and Chicken Soup daily. I don't feed wet food at all. The cats love the variety, and all have beautiful fluffy coats. I have been doing so for the last 6 months with no problems. Just wondering if anyone else does this.
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I don't mix different brands daily, but I have been giving my cat several different brands a week for most of his life (he's four), and he's never had any problems with it. I usually have three different brands going (currently Felidae, Nutro and Precise Plus), and once I run out of one brand it is replaced with another (the next candidates are Solid Gold, 1st Choice and Hill's). This is not recommendable for cats with sensitive stomachs or digestive tracts. I feed kibble in the morning, and canned food (right now European premium brands you probably wouldn't be familiar with: Almo nature from Italy and Miamor Feine Filets from Germany)in the evening. I alternate the brands of kibble, since JC prefers it that way, but I know some people who make up their own mix using a couple of different brands, and feed that daily.
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The breeder I got my Bengal kitten from, was feeding half Iams and half science diet(dry) I asked him why he mixed the foods. His reply was well look at the coats on my cats!! so this is what I continue to feed my kitten.
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I feed the kittens a mix of four foods. My big boys are eating a mix of two foods.
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I rotate brands every 3-6 months but I dont mix brands expect during a switch and I feed about 1oz of canned food daily usually various brands but mostly Eagle Pack canned at this time.
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i mix dry foods sometimes, i usally feed my two innova, but if i get sent samples (eg.purina one lately) i'll mix it in with innova just to use it up!
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I feed my crew a pot pourri of food. I mix in Hills T/D with Iams dry (although I do limit how much dry they're allowed). They also get canned on a morning, and raw on an evening (the raw is roo meat), and they get 4 raw chicken necks a day too.

My vet said that there is still stuff we don't know about nutrition, and it's safer to feed more than one brand to ensure they're getting all the nutrients. Also, I believe that it makes for less fussy cats. For example, if you feed say Iams only, and then they go out of business (hardly likely, I know), or change their recipe, the cat will be accustomed to variety, and accept the change.

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