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My beagles

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These are pictures of my beagles 2 are fosters and 2 are mine.
Kass turned 3 years old on May 30 he is mine.

Kona will be 3 on Oct 31 he is also mine.

Shiloh he is about 8 years old and a foster through Beagle paws.

Ricky is about 1.5 years old and another foster through Beagle paws.

I currently have 5 dogs and 1 senior cat and 1 kitten.

And Kali my Bullmastiff X Akita she will be 2 on Nov 30.
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No squirrels in your yard are there?
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Nice looking group! I like the beagle breed but would need to own a home because of the barking they like to do. They are on my list though. Your Kali is gorgeous! I am so jealous!
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I love beagles!! They have such great personalities.
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I just adore those Beagle brown eyes. And the brindle on Kali is very pretty.
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Bunch of cuties!!
I am also a foster mom for Beagle Paws.
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