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Cats in Trouble- so what else is new

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We really need to change the laws for these cats nationwide!

Action Alert from Neighborhood Cats:

For the past seven years, the organization HELP the Animals, Inc., a no-kill shelter in Richmond, Indiana, has operated a successful trap-neuter-return program in local Glen Miller Park, a 200 acre mixed-use recreation area consisting mainly of wooded areas. It is perhaps the longest running TNR program in the state and has resulted in a decrease of the cat population over time. The program has operated in the past with the approval of the Richmond Parks Department.

Now, for no adequate reason, the authorities in the Parks Dept. have decided to remove and probably kill the cats. All indications are they could not care less that the program has worked and could serve as a model of humane feral cat care and population control. At a Parks Dept. meeting this Thursday (June 19), it appears their board is prepared to officially approve the trap and kill policy and then quickly implement it.

Please let the mayor of Richmond (a rural town of 40,000) know that this action, if it is carried out, will stain the reputation of both his administration and his town. Explain that TNR is the only humane and effective means of controlling feral cat populations, is a growing movement across the country, and is more effective and less costly than trap and kill. Please act soon, before Thursday.

Mayor Shelley Miller can be reached at email address:

We'll forward a phone number on if we get one.

For more info or if you have other ideas and suggestions contact:

Greg Brush of Indy Feral
gbrush@indyferal.org / 317-258-7469

Monica Kinley-Kuhn of HELP
kkfairy@aol.com / 765-977-2272

Let's let these folks know the eyes of the nation are upon them!!
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Unfortunately, the meeting was yesterday. We can only hope that the anti-cat people did not get their way.
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Oh no! Has anyone heard what the city council decided?

I wonder why all the sudden they decided to round up the cats and kill them.
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Sorry guys, it just came in my email bin today. I will let you know if I hear anything about the results.
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