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Kitten Getting Spayed Questions

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Hello Everybody,
I have a few questions. My daughters kitten Baby Girl is getting spayed the first week of July and my question is will this change her playfulness? I got her when she was about 6 weeks old she was skinny, scared, sickly, and very nonplayful, It has been 4 months now and she has grown, got over being scared, is very healthy, and is always wanting to play. I have never had a cat altered before I have dogs who have been spayed, will it be about the same with the kitten? Is there any behavior problems I should watch for after this?
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I don't know where these rumors start sometimes. No, it will not change her playfulness at all, and it will increase her lifetime so she will be around longer than if she was free breeding during heat cycles.

After the surgery, she will be *off* for a few days as she recovers from the experience. I always talk to the vet beforehand and ask them what type of anesthesia they will be using. I won't let any of my animals have ketamine. I also pay the extra so the cat gets an extra pain shot right before being released to come home.

You will need to keep her in a room that is dark and quiet for a few days, but she should be just fine.

Thank you for doing the responsible thing and spaying her!
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I'll move this to the Heath & Nutrition Forum since it's about spay surgery.

One thing to watch for it make sure she doesn't bite at her stitches. Tearing out stitches is very bad. If she seems to be paying too much attention to her incision site, get an e-collar from the vet and then get pictures of kitty with a lamp shade on her head!
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Thank you Hissy and Heidi.
I am releived to hear she will be the same playful kitty as she was before.
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