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Last minute HELP! Sep contest

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...not sleeping kitties... kitties in bed. I just saw the thread - and it is a TOUGH contest! Gary and I managed to narrow it down to 12 pictures.

But here are our "final" finalists:

1) Lounging dangling Shelly

2) Shelly nurse-maiding Flowerbelle

3) Flowerbelle the little angel

4) Baby Spooky

5) Shelly helping make the bed

6) Flowerbelle asleep on Gary in bed

7) And one of our favorite "bed" photos - all the cats in a horseshoe! (This was NOT staged!)
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I would like to see the correct last pic before I make my decision

oh there, you changed it as I posted....k....will vote soon.

edit again.... I voted for Shelly.... she's got the "This is MY bed" look.
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They are all adorable but Flowerbell's makes me smile so she got my vote.
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Shelly really is such a character.

I'd really love to submit the last one - but I'm sure it'd never win. I just think it's kind of the epitome of the contest though - featuring the bed. They were actually all asleep before we woke them up taking the picture. We have the same picture with Gary facing them in the foreground - we call it "the cat whisperer."

...and Flowerbelle? She just always looks like a little angel to us.
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I had to vote for Flowerbelle. Got a soft spot for white female kitties.
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Eileen - that is SUCH a surprise!
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This is a hard one!! It is between shelly making the bed and baby spooky. I love flowerbelle too!!! Ok, I voted for baby spooky because Tabby cats have a special place in my heart! They are all really good pictures.
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It's a TOUGH competition. You've got some super-cute ones, but I like #5.
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I voted for #1!
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i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for voting in LDGs poll. i may be "shelly's dad," but flowerbelle is my little baby girl LOL! of course i love them all, even when they ignore me and especially when they treat me like furniture. of course when i wake up and they're sitting there staring at me i often wonder if they're wondering how long it would take to eat me! gary
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Baby Spooky for me!
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