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One of the few crafts I still have to learn (but one I've always wanted to, maybe I should get the rest of the way through my half-finished and abandoned quilt first...), but I found this today and thought they were really cute!


That little rodeo one would be SO cute on a little baby blanket or sweater I MAY just have to learn how to cross-stitch... or I could convert and knit it .
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you beat me to posting about this

i wanted to try try something new and thought this would be interesting, and wanted to know if it was easy enough to learn
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I think it is pretty easy, I remember doing a little with yarn & plastic netting when I was little.
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yeah i did it in primary school think i was about 7 hehe so was a while ago
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It's pretty easy to get the basics down, and then you realize what all you can do with it and how difficult the patterns can be. It's a really neat hobby because it's something that those of us without any actual artistic talent (i.e. painting, drawing, sculpting - that would describe me, no artistic talent at all!) can do and make beautiful pieces that people actually want to display. And it's something that you can keep getting better at, and still have infinite possibilities with. The only problem is making sure you don't run out of people to give your projects to.

It's just a matter of taking and making the time to do it. I always say that if you can count and make X's then you can cross stitch.
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