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G-cat is 2!!

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Just want to say a Belated Happy 2nd Birthday Genever!!

Her birthday (as recorded by the SPCA at least) was on Saturday, September 19. BF and I were out of town, but I got a package of goodies from Petco.com in the mail and we're having a birthday party for her this coming Saturday, complete with custom-printed M&Ms. I will be sure to take and post pics.

In the meantime, here's a 'Motivational Poster' that my friend made up with a yawn pic I caught of G-Cat:

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Thats an awesome poster! Nice friend ya got there.

I think the terrible twos hit when they are two MONTHS not YEARS ReeRee thankfully is just now settling down. Thats so cool you got a goodie bag from petco.com.
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Thanks! I did buy the stuff from Petco.com, no free birthday presents there... I'm giving her 1 toy a day over this week. She is loving her kitty Kong!

As for the terrible twos... she's not really a bad girl. She is very much a kitten though. Kitten enough that I do not want an actual kitten when we decide to add another. BF, however, does not see it the same, he swears he will deal with and love the crazy kitten behavior. I will fight hard against a baby though, also because kittens tend to get adopted more quickly. Too many adults spending too much time in the shelter!!
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Happy Belated Birthday, Genever!!!

I love the poster. She's such a pretty girl.
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Happy birthday and great poster!!
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