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A Rude Awakening

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My dog, Tucker, had a seizure starting at 4:15 AM. It lasted 21 minutes! He has had a seizure disorder for almost a year but usually they last about 2 minutes. He has been to see two neurologists. The first neurologist said to watch him, no treatment! He is now on three medications and the frequency decreased after adding the third drug. He had an MRI and lots of tests, all normal. The cause is assumed to be a genetic glitch. I know it is unlikely he will ever be seizure free, even with meds, but that long one was just plain scary. Good news, he seems fine now. I talked to the neurologist and adjusted his medication doses. Hopefully, he'll never have another long seizure.
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Aww poor Tucker, that is a long one. He will probably be tired today. Sending Tucker lots of feel better vibes and xoxo's, too
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I grew up with a golden retreiver who had epilepsy and I know how difficult it can be. I hope you guys find a good drug-combination.
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Sending good vibes for Tucker, hope his seizures will be limited in distance and time.
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Aw poor baby. I can imagine that's hard for everyone. you've got a good drug combo now and he'll never have another one even close to that!
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Poor pup. Have you tried high dose vitamin B6?

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Just an FYI, I'm sure they've told you this but you really should monitor his temperature. A seizure that long could cause more health problems if heir temperature gets too high.
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Thanks, everyone, for the kind thoughts. I will check with the neurologist, and if no contraindications with current meds, I will start high dose B6 vits. Thanks, CatMom2Wires, for the suggestion. I have been home cooking food (to avoid additives and limit the variables) without improvement, so he now gets a mix of commercial and home cooked. Thanks, Plebayo, for pointing out the temperature problem. He is being monitored for a host of problems that can follow long siezures. So far, he is OK. I worry about his liver since it is already stressed by all the meds. Filtering the end products of muscle injury from a long seizure is extra stess for his liver. That may not show for a few days.
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Poor Tucker! I had a terrier that had epilepsey, and a cat that had sezures as she got older. It's so painful to see your pet going thru something like that. Lots of for sweet Tucker.
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If he's ever breathing strangely or weezing after a seizure RUSH him to the vet (I'm sure you will though). Thats what happened to our golden, she inhaled vomit during a seizure (she was 11 with BAD epilepsy that was steadily worsening). I'm glad tuck is ok! Poor guy.
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