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good news about tilly!

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After some tests and a month on medication we have found out that the reason why she lost so much weight was because she does have a thyroid problem! This is a HUGE relief because I was picturing the worst and was wondering how to handle moo who is attached at the hip with Tilly.

BUT her recent exams came back as normal and she gained a pound and a half so as long as she stays on this medication she will be fine and have a long and healthy life.

Plus I can tell she is feeling better she is like a new cat...she now comes out and explores and plays with moo during the day.
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Thanks for the happy update! Thyroid meds often need adjustments. I know you will keep a close eye on her and be sure to get her blood work done as often as the vet prescribes.

have some dancing bananas to help celebrate Tilly's weight gain!

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Wow, that's fantastic! Congrats!
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Great news, I am glad she's feeling better
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Such great news for her and for you!
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your mind! Here's to a long life for Tilly!!
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thank you all for you replies!

Tilly gets rechecked in 6 months and if the levels are still normal then she will be rechecked once a year during her yearly checkup.

Now the only thing I have to do is try and get her to stop hating DH so much...
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Way to go, Tilly!!!
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