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What next???

We're dog-sitting Shelly, who had some bad skin problems and is now on an antihistamine, antibiotic, omega spritz and had an advantage flea treatment. This morning she barfed up a whole new can of worms for me!

They do look like chopped up spaghetti but I've seen lots of roundworms, and they don't look like round-worms. Especially as none of them curled as they hit the light. Same shape/width as spaghetti though, but blunt ends.

It's definitely not left-over pasta, we haven't had that in a few weeks.

At least I can take Shelly & Peaches to the vet together and split the fee . ARRRRG!!!!!

Does anyone know what these worms might be?

I have to get a hold of hubby then Shelly's parents before I can do anything about another vet visit.
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Only two worms I know of are spaghetti like, and since you don't believe they are round worms, the other is heartworms.
Tapeworms are long, but segmented and flat.
But I've never heard of tapeworms, or heartworms being vomitted up.

Vet trip is definitely a good idea!
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My thoughts exactly. They look like heartworms too but they wouldn't have come out that way :S.

I'm waiting for the vet to get back to me about them. They are in my freezer right now if need be .

Maybe they are round-worms just very mature ones? Or they were happy in their puke so didn't curl up, I'm not sure.

I should at they look more like cooked spaghetti, where as every round-worm I've seen the size looks more like raw spaghetti but their colour & texture is more like cooked.
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Since the vet just saw shelly last week (for the skin problems) they are just going to dispence some dewormer to us. If that doesn't work & there are more worms I'll take her in.

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Madison barfed everywhere last night, the new food we have her on has been upseting her tummy I'm getting something new tonight.

Not to be outdone, Shelly barfed everywhere this morning. I didn't see any more worms but I'm 100% sure she got into the kitty litter last night . Now she's sitting beside me going "I'mmmmm hunnnnngry!", TOO BAD DOG!!!

Only thing is I have to get her pills into her at some point this morning.

It never ends...
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Wow, you do have your hands full! Are you dog sitting Shelly at your house or at your friend's house (as in checking on her). Reason I'm asking...could she be getting into someone's poo outside when she goes to potty? Your dogs may have built up an immunity to something in your yard (stray cat poo, other animal poo, etc) that she isn't exposed to in her yard. Although, I would think worms are worms, period. Maybe your dogs just learned not to eat poo from THAT cat (animal, etc) and she's still learning?

I never understood why dogs love cat poo so much. I keep telling mine "it isn't a candy bowl!!!". They just don't listen.
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Nope she's staying with us, yes it is a VERY full house right now ; and we have discovered Shelly has been snaking away on the cat poo because her anti-histamine/steroid makes her so hungry. Our dogs have learned to stay out of the litter, but we'll have to move it for the rest of her visit (haven't figured out where yet).

However, these worms were REALLY large & thus quite mature it was probably before she came to us.

I've heard dogs eat cat poo because it's much higher in protein then dog poo - delicious snack!

I've been trying to get some of her poop but she's been so sick the last few days, plus she usually goes out when my son is eating breakfast so I can't be in two places at once. I'll try to encourage her during naptime again today but she's a stay-at-home-with-no-person dog she's a twice a day pooper.


She's been throwing up every morning now (AND last night) and there were no worms in that. My biggest concern now is that she's been throwing up so much!

I did have a minor epiphany this morning that the antibiotics she is on probably upset her tummy so I'm getting her some probiotics. Antibiotics, wormer & flea meds - we really nuked her system, maybe it's no wonder she's sick!!
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that happened to Flash when she wasbad, the vet told us they were worms but i cant remember if he said what type they were ill ask blaine when he comes in from work if he can remember. your description sounds very similar to what she went through
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I'd be really interested to find out! I just really don't think they are round-worms so I don't know what they could be.

She could have potentially picked them up from the cow-field behind our house. This isn't the first time Shelly's visited .

I talked to her daddy & the first thing he asked was - is she throwing up entire chunks of food? *smack* Of course! She's been gobbling her food!! So now I've just got to come up with something to put in her bowl to slow her down. Any suggestions?

I know you can buy special bowls but this won't be a problem once she goes home again.
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