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"MEOW"nday Trivia!...=)

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Good .... this is a good one!...

By neutering your cat you extend their life span, by how many years?

A. None, it doesn't make a difference
B. 6 years
C. 2-3 years
D. Neutered cats actually don't live as long

The answer is here dear member and NOTE that is valid only for today, tomorrow will be another question and another answer... and PLEASE Help us here with a simply CLICK!..
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well, my streak has ended.. I don't agree with that answer tho
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Darn, I was wrong. Oh well, I think the kitties get kibble anyways...
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I dont think that is right either. Unspay/nuters live an average of 4 years due to the wandering and traffic. I got that statisic from national geo. Our nonfixed cats, back when I was a kid all were gone at 4 years or less. All of our nuter/spays lived 10, 14, 19 years. (Except for Su, pancreatic cancer) I think 6yr more plus.
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I thought they lived longer then that oh well!
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yeah, I thought it was 6+ years. I wonder where they got their info from? Wherever it was from, I think it is wrong.
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I agree with everybody - I got it wrong too.
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Wonderful participation!!!
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