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Daily Thread Monday Sept 21.

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Morning All!!

It would seem Trout's Mom is MIA this morning so I will get the Daily Thread going.

Sunny but a little cold here today.

I had a crappy weekend to say the least, my computer crashed Friday night and I have spent the last couple of days trying to sort that out.

Not much planned for today, heading off to school in a bit. Then just a quiet evening at home I guess.

The kitties are good, window watching right now..

Everyone have a great day.
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We finally got a bit of rain (1/2inch) last night to break our 3 week stretch without rain!

But very warm temps though the week before more rain and cooler temps this weekend!

Processed about 10 pints of a sweet and sour BBQ sauce and working on cooking down a more spicy one which I will process tonite.

But 1st I have a hosta society meeting which I hope doesn't drag out too long.

Slowly starting to pack for my trip on thursday-will go to grocery store to pick up more stuff for my sister.

Typical monday-nothing exciting.
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Dark, rainy, and dreary here. Last time I saw the forecast, we're supposed to have more of the same all week. I have to write a couple of journal articles this week, so I'll be toiling away on those all day. To the gym tonight, then I'll probably watch an episode of Millennium and read a bit after I get home.
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Well, it is definately the typical Monday.

Blah, dull, dreary and rainy here. I have a doc appt. in an hour or so, which will be fun walking to

The kitties are good, its my one daughter's picture day at school, and she looks soooooo cute. My other daughter's pics are tomorrow.

Later this week I need to take them both to get a hair cut (trim).... I noticed Kayleighs butt long hair, the ends are getting slightly we'll probally take 3-4" off which will make it a bit easier on her to take care off. Kendra just needs a trim.

Nothing much going on this week aside from doc and physio appts.

Gonna beg my RMT to come to my home, and see if she can relax my back.

Have a good day folks.
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Good morning everyone
I just woke up to get ready for class but I checked my email to see that my only class is cancelled today due to the weather. It rained all night, same with the past two days so it's creating some floods..The creek in my back yard has doubled in volume. I spent a good 15-20 minutes petting Jake and now I'm going to hope for a productive day despite my class being cancelled.
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^ So lucky your class cancelled!!

I have school in a bit, not looking forward to them...Then to the barn to ride the ponies, I now have 3 horses to take care of so hopefully I can still get done on time! Then class in the afternoon....that I didnt go to friday. Im am sooo tired! Firday night and saturday, going with 4 hours of sleep really took a lot out of me! Plus my AC in my truck is being works, as in air comes out but...its hot air And it is in the 100s this week!!! Im gonna fry! Hoping I get it fixed this week and its as simple as my truck needing that friant(sp?) stuff. Pooh Bear is sitting right next to me she is just begging for kisses!! Oh and I still have my canker sore! It has gotten to be an inch long and is not getting better, even though I did get this mouth rinse that has hyrdogen peroxide in it, but alas it is still there! and I now have a little one on my tongue , it never ends does it?
Hopefully tonight I get loads of homework done! I have 2 tests tomorrow and a take home test today! Hope everyone has a great day!
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I had a hell of a night last night trying to move my stuff out of my Stepmom's house.

I have to go back there again tonight. I'm going to try to relax today until I have to go get the rest of my stuff. I hope that Cody might want to do something fun today to help take my mind off of all of this stress lately.

I'm not a complainer really...but I am just floored by the behavior of my Dad's wife last night. I barely got any sleep, I'm sore and exhausted today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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I it cold and wet today. I feel like I haven't slept. I ache from head to toe. This weather causes my fibromyalgia to flare up. I got the two youngest off to school. My oldest Lisa had her wisdom teeth removed last Wednesday. Her face is still really swollen. she is in less pain today. she looks horrible, she is so pale.
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It was only 4C when I left home this morning, but thankfully, it is supposed to get up to 21 tonight. Im experimenting all day in lab (just waiting for some tissue slices to equilibrate), then going home where Im looking forward to watching the season premiere of House!
Also, completing day 2 of my EA Active 30 day challenge...hopefully
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Morning. I'm back in the LBC (that's Long Beach)!! My long weekend in Tennessee was fun, nice to see some rain actually! Today my boss has to leave to Las Vegas til Wednesday and then again maybe Thursday and Friday. In the meantime I've got some organizing to do around the office.

It was so nice to get back home to my Genever last night! She was so lovey and sweet. And she ate a lot and did NOT puke, which was also nice. She was extra crazy with the litterbox digging around 5:30 AM though, so I moved to the couch a bit before 6:00 because she just would not stop and I couldn't block the sound!

So... the point of my story now becomes: sometime between 6AM and 7AM when i woke up to go back to bed for another half hour (i milk my sleep time to the max!), my left eyelid got all swollen! What the heck? My eyeball itself isn't red and doesn't feel irritated at all, just my eyelid. It's red and swollen and warm to the touch. Sounds like an allergic reaction to something but I don't know what. The sofa?? So I've got my glasses on today instead of contacts.. ick.

Other than that, it's just a regular day.. Have a good one cat people!
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Sorry ladies and gents, I took the day off was at a wedding last night..we just got in!

Its a beautiful day here today.. I am going to take a nap, and then workout..then groceries...yay

Ciao for now!
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