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Question of the day - Monday, September 21, 2009

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Hi there Folks!!

Happy Monday Folks!!
Well, the question today is about........................... your kitties!!

In a few words describe their one most endearing/lovable quality - here I go:

  • Lucky: She seems to know just what I need when I am sad, when I am down...
  • Bugsy: He is my sleeping pal - he has the sweetest meow, and has a long meowing/turn/kneads daily routing when we go to bed - I love it.
  • Hope: the way that she attack my hands with all four paws and teeth, in an complete lock down, just to start licking it
What about your kitties? what is the one most endearing quality of each one of them?
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Nice, what a cool question. The hard part is coming up with a singular best quality for each cat, but I'll give it my best. Here they are from oldest to youngest.

Tré: In a word, loyalty. He likes to sit on my lap year-round and he hops into bed with me each night even when it's summer and none of the other cats want anything to do with me.

Tiny: Her talkativeness. She's part meezer, so when she sits on my lap and I pet her, she likes to tell me sad stories with her little meows.

Thufir: The way he crawls into bed and snuggles up with me every morning.

Promise: She's just so cute! She lays in these positions on her back that are just darling. I swear she lays around and practices in front of a mirror when I'm not around.
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Great let's see

Sass is bossy, he is in charge and knows it.
Linus is a brat, he is always up to something and it is a good thing he is so cute and loveable because he's always in trouble for something.
Pixie is the most relaxed and laid back cat the world has ever seen. A bomb could go off beside her and she would sleep through it..
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Utu: He's my soulmate, he is my everything. When I'm feeling sad or sick, he comforts me. We pretty much can read each others minds.

Kuura: He's so friendly and open. He loves everyone and is (usually) well behaving considering he's not neutered. He has innocense in his eyes and he's too cute.

Tomu: Very entertaining kitteh! He's a total goof ball and you can do anything to him and he just purrrrrrs (outcluding vet visits!!).

Casper: He only lived about 2months with me, but he's a loving boy. Very shy, so it took some time to win his trust, but after that he even let me rub his belly. He's very handsome!
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wow, really good one.

Miss Kitty: definitely head of the family, but heart of gold, she's a real charmer.
Tasha: makes you feel special if she chooses to let you pet her, so wild.
Peaches: uncontrolable, undeiable gratitude for rescueing her, she comes running everytime she hears my husband come home (he's the one that took her).
Pink: she's a punky little chick, she'll let you know when you're not doing something she likes and she's boss!
Mango: he's got the most adorable little face & he's a total cuddler.
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Gracie, she's shy but when she decided she wants to love you, she LOVES you! Casey, my extroverted boy who likes to greet everyone who comes to the house, whether they want to be greeted or not! LOL.
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Wally: He is extremely affectionate He always wants to sit on our chests, and be cuddled, and sleep with us- especially now with the cooler weather. He's a sweetie.
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Brilliant Question!...

Milky:He is the Amo bonito of home, of course now Bigbrother of 2..
Catulina:The most affectionable girl that you can imagine!
Horatio:The little devil of Tazmania......Believe me!

good question!
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Miagi - silly!
Tiger - loving!
Angel - wild!

and my dogs if that's allowed..

Buster - goofy!
Ginger - diva!
Rudy - crazy!
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Lucky- clings to me, sassy , plenty of attitude ,gives me constant head butts and kisses

Gus- is a talker, shy , always there when you need a snuggle

Mama. Very shy, affectionate, only comes out of hiding for me. Like her son Gus she is a talker
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Nacho - Affectionate He greets me when I get home from anywhere, purrs when you get food out for him and loves being scratched. He also makes sure I'm warm at night by sleeping between my head and the wall on my pillow or on my side.

Logan - little s*&^head
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Great question

Pretty and sometimes sweet

Sweet face, trusting, follows me around, lots of personality, loves Penny
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It's hard to come up with one but here goes:

Bijou - Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious.
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How Trout wakes up from a nap, and then meows for me
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
It's hard to come up with one but here goes:

Bijou - Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious.
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Very interesting question!

Hannah: my old girl who tries to boss everyone else and is something of a bully

Jack: is a lover and a licker

Rufus: a 20 lb. baby who stands on his hind legs to get his head scratched

Katie: I think she has a split personality; she goes from "don't you touch me" to "I have to sit on your lap NOW!"

Charlotte: is a little princess and very needy/clingy

Bridget: my baby girl who hates to be held; when you rub her belly she uses both front paws to rub her own ears---very silly looking
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Freya - An awesome mix of grace and tomboyishnes. She can saunter into a room and just fall over in the most undiginfied sprawl.

Cotton - Devotion. He gives you looks that really make you think "Dear Lord, please let me be even half the person he thinks I am."
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Originally Posted by Ms. Freya View Post
Cotton - Devotion. He gives you looks that really make you think "Dear Lord, please let me be even half the person he thinks I am."
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Dusty - My little cuddle bug at night. She will wake me up from a sound sleep just so I can pet her. Sometimes, I try to ignore her and she will lay down next to me with her head on my arm and go to sleep. She is a little love and a little nut. She tries to help me turn down the bed and likes to get under the covers. She also is the brave one. She will come out to meet new people.

Rusty - She is my scaredy cat. Someone comes by and she will hide behind the futon. She hates to be held but when she wants petted she will head butt us until we pet her. But we have to bend down to her, not pick her up by us. She also like to bite my toes on occasion. Sometimes, I think she was supposed to be a boy kitty. She is a BIG girl and she acts like a boy. She is not at all dainty like her sister.
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