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Super loud purr-er...!

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Wow, I can't believe how LOUD our new little kitten Simba purrs. It is unbelievable! He is so ridiculously loving -- and he purrs CONSTANTLY anytime a person gets near him. This morning he jumped up in our bed at 6 AM and started frantically purring and rubbing his head all over our faces and my hair (hubby doesn't have any).

Does anyone else have a cat that purrs REALLY loud???!

Our other cat, Kitty's purr is definitely not this loud.
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Sebastian is just like that. His purr is like a jet engine. It's SO LOUD. He'll get into the love mode and jump on the bed and rub his head all over mine purring really really loud.. and kinda nudge his nose into my eyes. It's so sweet.
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yup my Leo has a loud purr.. it wakes me up in the morning sometimes!
and sometimes he purrs just if you look and talk to him! he also purrs while he eats, and it sounds even louder when his mouth is open! I love it!

My Roxy also purrs alot but not as loud, and Piper's purr is so low, we dind't think she ever purred but now that she finally lets us touch her we can feel it and she purrs more often than we thought!
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That is so cute!! I loveeeeeeeee loud purring cats!

Zoey doesnt purr too loud but I love when she lays on me and she's purring, it vibrates my whole body
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yep I think all of my cats purr REALLY lound! you can hear them from across the roam. Hubby and I call it super purring!
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Peaches purrs really loud too. She likes to lay on me when I'm watching TV and sometimes she's SO loud I have to turn the TV up! I call it her Turbo Purr or Super Sized Purr!

Tammie & Peaches
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Before his seizures Toes could purr so loud I'd hear it in another room. He stopped purring when he had his seizures and it took about a year for it to come back. But he purrs all the time now, just not as loud as he used to.
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Amy, how sweet that Simba purrs so much... !

Isys, my tiny mousy, purrs quite abit. It is pretty audible, but not very loud.

Daisy is pretty gentle with her purrings.

With Venus, mommy's baby, she gives out trilling noise only. She purrs very softly. Venus is a great TRAVEL companion! i take her everywhere.

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Yep!! Luna is like that! She starts purring really loud anytime I talk to her or sit next to her!!! I should have called her motor boat!
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