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Re-directed Aggression problem

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I have been bringing my 11 year old indoor cat, Maui, to my cottage regularly for several years but now I am hesitant to do it because of the fact that he has ‘redirected aggression’, and goes absolutely wild when he sees another animal outside on his territory. I have learned the hard way by ending up in the Emergency a couple of times that I have to just completely leave him alone and keep absolutely still until he is over it or he will actually attack ME, his loving person, and soul mate!

Just this past year I have rescued 3 feral cats, a mother and her 2 kittens, at our (close to home) cottage and they live in an outdoor enclosure that is attached to the cottage, and they have access to the back room of the cottage through a cat door. Between myself and my husband we spend about 5 days a week there taking care of them and we watch over them with our Network camera the other 2 days.

Even though they do not come into the main part of the cottage and Maui would not be able to see them, nor from the window, I know that Maui would still probably hear them and he would know that some kind of an animal is on the other side of the door there. I have sealed off the door completely and even put a partition in front of it to keep him a few more feet away from the door so he can’t smell anything (I hope).

I do not want to find out how he would be if I brought him to the cottage. Maybe he would be okay since he can’t see anything, but MAYBE NOT. I’m afraid to find out. I long to go to the cottage overnight once again and bring Maui with me as we used to.

What do you know about ‘re-directed aggression’? Do you think he would be okay as long as he couldn’t see anything?

Thanks so much,

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Have you read this thread?

I think there is a very good chance he will freak out at the other cats. Have you tried anything like feliway or rescue remedy?
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with RA. IMO cats can sense other cats in their area. I don't think they need to see or hear them. I can sympathize with you. One time my cats were out in their run, which is 3 feet off the ground. I heard a real commotion. My cat Gel had attacked one of her best friends. I looked and saw a feral cat walk by. It is crazy. I hope you get some good suggestions. But you do have a good heart to take in those ferals!
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