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They know best

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I have been working awful hours for the last couple of months, so exhausted at times, I was barely functioning. Today, while I was on a call seeing if we were ready to release, Carly came in and just started talking and talking. She wanted to me to follow which I did. She led me to a sunspot, sat beside and it sounded like she was scolding me for ignoring such a wonderful sunspot.

I believe she wanted me to take some time out for resting in the sunspot. Aren't cats wonderful?
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Topaz does the same thing with me. Only with her it's my bed.
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Yeah, and some people insist that cats are aloof --- riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! That's a good girl, Carly, you make Mom take a break.
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It's amazing how "in tune" our cats are with our emotions. I won't go into detail, but Pirate and my former cat Sidney have literally saved my life several times. They seem to know when I'm stressed, panicked, lonely, and they try their hardest to make right the situation. I don't know where I'd be right now if they wouldn't have "helped" save my life.

That's so sweet, it sounded like she wanted to share her sunny spot with you lol!
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