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Question!! (warning: kitty rear-end related)

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I have a question for you, but it is not a "pleasant" one to read, especially during meal times... So, please DO NOT read forward if you are about to eat or have just had a great meal...................

Okay, I assume you have a strong stomach.... Then.... I will continue with my question....

Question: Is it necessary to express a cat's anal gland on a regular basis???

In the past three years, GuaiGuai had accidently "expressed" himself twice...once he was excited by the hoola-hoope when I was exercising; and the second time occured when I took him to see the vet.... The vet showed me where these glands are, and taught me how to do it myself. But I have not give it a try.

On the other hand, MowMow's gland has never been expressed before, and she is 2 years old.....

Do you all do it on a regular basis? I have heard cats needing surgery because the glands "burst"!!!
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All kitty's are different. Some cats may never need to have them expressed. Usually when they poop, they are expessed that way, and you never have to deal with the unpleasant smell
If you are concerned about them becoming impacted, you can express them as needed. Usually when they need to be expressed, you can smell it.
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Sandie, Thanks..
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i've heard about this before, and i always thought it was something that the vet had to do..2 questions though, how do you express a cats anal glands?, and at what point would you think a cat would need it done to it ie. what are the symptoms for it to need to be done??
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I have to periodically do this unpleasant task. I had my vet show me how to do it years ago and he was kind enough to do so. It is not a pleasant thing to do (for me) but it has helped out the cats I have done. The signs you look for is excessive licking, scooting the butt along the carpet or a really nasty discharge dripping.
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One of my cats did this in my face once Ick! I felt sick!

I hope you get it all sorted
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so how would u actually express the anal glands?
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