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This is a first!!

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Two of the foster kittens were returned to me because they are sick. They are the two I had started to supplement and the rescue doesn't have the room for sick babies right now so I have them back to bottle feed. One is doing great and eating like a champ and the other I have to force to eat. Should I continue to force her? They are 3 weeks old today and the good eater has been eating baby food chicken off my fingers for 2 days. Is this okay? She loves it and if I mix it with her goats milk/KMR mixture, she will lap it from a plate. Can I continue to do this? This is the first time I have ever had a baby under 4 1/2 weeks be interested in solids
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I dont think you want abandon the weaker of these. So proceed...

The other, congrats.

Good luck!
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The weaker one and I have worked out an agreement. If I feed her from the left side she will take it very slowly...she took a whole cc at once. I am feeding her every 2 hrs because she is taking so little. She seems to be doing better today and I think the antibiotics are kicking in.
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Keep it up! You're doing a great thing .
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