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Bean Soup

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So, DH and I got a craving for bean soup. I have a ham bone that is thawing out right now, and picked up a bag of 15 bean mix. The problem is that its been so long since I made it....I forget! The only thing I remember is that it takes forever it seems.

I know the beans take the longest (should have let them soak overnight probably), but do I put the ham bone in with the beans to begin with or do I wait until the beans are almost done before I put the ham in? Do the seasonings (pepper, garlic salt, italian seasoning, bay leaves) get put in in the beginning, or after the beans are cooked?

On average, how long does it take to cook, so I can know when to start it? Is there anything I'm forgetting?

I know I sound stupid but soups are not my forte. I love to eat them, but making them...I'm clueless.

Side note: DH eats his poured over fried potatoes. I've never heard of this before. I told him he is in charge of the potatoes!
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I put the hambone in from the very beginning. I usually don't do dry seasonings until close to the end. The bay leaf I don't know about; I only use them when I do my stock for turkey gravy. But I think I might try it with beans next time, since you mentioned it. I wish I had advice about cooking time, but all I know is it takes a long time. Let me know how they turn out! They sound delicious.
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