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Two new movies in the works...

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Pirates of the Carribean 4 and National Treasure 3! Anyone else excited? I knew they had to come out with them!
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Johnny Depp is my favorite! I love the pirates movies!
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Heard about Pirates 4 months ago, but there seems to be little in the way of information at present. Also waiting for Harry Potter and HBP to come out on DVD and the last two movies are in the works as well
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Oh, I love both of them!!! I can't wait for National Treasure 3!
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Yippy for Pirates 4
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OMG!!!! Where the heck have I been?!!!!! A 4th Pirates movie????? AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! can you tell I'm just a wee bit excited?!

How did everyone find this out? I haven't heard of this from anyone or seen it advertised anywhere. YAYYYYY!!!!!
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I AM excited about Pirates 4 but I heard Johnny Depp is the only one returning.....

But I do love me some Captain Jack
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