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Strange behavior?

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Kiki has some strange behaviors and I'm wondering if it is a problem. She likes to chew on jewelry. She started by chewing on my wedding ring and last night she tried chewing on my necklace. I took it away from her and zipped up my jacket...and you guessed it she started chewing on my zipper. Is this normal or does she have a vitamin deficiency?

Another strange thing she does is she cries outside my bedroom door just so she can come in and hide under the bed. I try to keep her out of there b/c she is still skittish and doesn't come when called so it's hard to get her out from underneath the furniture.
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It may be worth calling the vet and asking/making an appointment. And it could simply be that she's overly fascinated with those items. I have one that loves to chew on plastic, because a) it makes a lot of noise b) it annoys me. He'll do it to get attention.

Rule out the worst and hope for the best.
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Yeah, it's most likely just a fetish, but it can't hurt to ring up your vet and ask if you think there may be a problem.

Maro loves stealing and playing with hairbands, as well as simply eating my hair! Especially first thing in the morning before I'm totally awake

The crying under the door is just because she wants to be in the room with you, even if it is hiding under the bed. She may not feel totally comfortable yet, but given time she'll most likely start sleeping on the bed if you let her.
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