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Against fish for cats, on this decent feline nutrition blog:
This article is correct. But really only in excessive amounts. If you have varied diet and feed fish(low food chain) in moderation the chance of cats developing those problems IMO is low. I think the biggest thing we have to worry about are parasites in fish. Especially whole fish. Some of the ones in fish are hard to freeze out. Cooking is really the only way to take care of them. But every diet, including commercial and certain ingredients, has risks. We just have to decide what risks we are willing to take.

Originally Posted by sharky View Post
What fish are you feeding ?? Just an FYI ???
I usually feed sardines. Sometimes I find good deals on mackerel or herring.
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Ok, so I have come to the conclusion through lots of reading that NOTHING on the shelf is good enough. I can't find anything with the quality ingredients I want if it has grain in it. The only food that are "grain free" are full of "meal" and "products" that I will not be feeding my cat.

Yes, Ideally I will feed an all raw diet, and I honestly believe I WILL. But I need to start slowly.

To update the fish thing, I have quick frozen deveined shrimp. Not whole fish.. I mean I COULD get fish, but I have shrimp is kinda my question. I know mercury and all that is bad. I also have access to mussles, oysters and all sorts of fish. I can get chicken and mice (haven't tried one yet but will very soon)

I'm going to try a piece of chicken within the next day or so. I bought chicken legs and I figured I'd cut some of the meat off and see if he'll even eat it.. before I give him the whole leg.

My cat still wont eat half the wet food I give him because he is so darn picky. Tried to give him shrimp tilapia from By Nature... sniffed it and walked away. The only thing I can get him to REALLY eat is Meow Mix market selects.. which really aren't half bad if you read the ingredients. He doesn't really like Wet food from Blue, By Nature, Avo Derm, and many other versions of organic food. Sigh.

Its as if he knows that I'll give him good stuff if he doesn't eat the other stuff... because I want him to eat, so I'll give him what I know he'll eat if he walks away from what I give him first.

He gets wet food in the morning and kibble free fed during the day. he is a 15.5-16 pound Bombay (pure black and way too smart) Neutered male. A few pounds over weight... but his fur looks BEAUTIFUL on Blue.
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So, I tried to give my cat sardines today.. it didn't work. He licked the sauce and thats it.

So, then I tried the raw chicken leg. cut off pieces and then put the sardine juice on them. He sniffed it and walked away.

So, I found a feed store with ready made raw frozen packs. I'll try those.

Any suggestions on how to transition a very picky cat?
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Did you try putting small chunks in his wet food?

Good Luck!
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I should try that next. I figure I'll try some hamburger and some liver first, and then a mouse.. and see if he'll eat any of that.
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Key thing is to be patient and persistent. Cats can be picky as you are finding out. Some people report that it took them months to transition their cats to raw food. People who want to go from dry to raw sometimes have the toughest time. They sometimes have to go from dry to wet, then wet to raw.

Good luck. And, if you can, keep us in the loop.
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Alright... I have been doing a bunch of work with his diet. I went to a feed store and found some Evo and Instinct dry food, which he seems to like. His tastes have increased for wet food, he ate tiki cat, authority, Sheba, meowmix, taste of the wild, and a number of other random ones, but I have figured out his preferences. It does matter the brand, but much more so, he just prefers chicken/turkey and some salmon and tuna, but definitely chicken or turkey. I bought a couple cans of Ziwipeak which I didn't think he would eat because its full of tripe and organ meat, but I mixed a little bit into one he likes, and he did eat it, so tomorrow he'll get more. I haven't tried much raw lately as now I've decided he basically needs to go on a diet, so I've started measuring his food intake (see post on regular nutrition board "timed feedings vs. free feeding") So I'm currently mixing blue, instincts, and Evo all together and giving him less of what he used to get (free feeding). And I do still want to switch him to raw, and I think it'll be easier now that he eats more wet food. If I can get him to eat ziwipeak without having to mix it with anything, THEN I think I'll be able to switch him to raw.

But again, he won't eat plain cooked chicken, raw chicken, raw mice, sardines, ground beef, ground turkey... or basically anything else healthy for him.

Can I give him raw chicken liver? The grocery store has a big container for just over a dollar. But wasn't sure if he's eat them or if they were good.
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Chicken liver can cause diarrhea - that is why most raw feeders feed liver on the bone-in days.

Have you tried mixing a tiny bit of ground into canned?

I just got Cleo transitioned onto raw. She went from all dry to all wet (friskies wet, but that is what she would eat). She was on all canned for two weeks before I started to give her tiny pieces of raw on a dish beside her wet food. Last night she just ate 3 oz of beef and 1 oz of turkey neck (with the bone smashed).

Cleo, for those who don't know, is one that I took in roughly two weeks ago. I already had her sister Clover and her "parents" were moving all the way across the US. Cleo doesn't travel well at all so I ended up being asked to take her.
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