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How fast can a cat pass away?

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My cat is 15 years old. She looks healthy. She disappeared a few days ago.

I thought it might have went somewhere quiet and passed away.

The last time I saw her she could jump from a 3 foot drop okay.

I was under the impression a cat would get really slow and dopey in behaviour before they pass away?
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Not necessarily. Our last cat was 14 when he died, and was active and fit right up to the end. I came down in the morning to feed him, and found him all curled up in the washer (his favorite bed - I kept a thick towel in there for him). He obviously had passed away in his sleep.

that you find her.
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Not to be too cruel, but a cat that goes outside usually passes away in a few seconds (if they're lucky), from being hit by a car or attacked by another animal.

But 15 years old is pretty advanced. If she didn't show signs of slowing down quite a lot, I would doubt the "crawl away to find a place to die" theory. Most cats seem to try to find the most comfortable and secure place if they are very sick, and that would usually be in your calm, quiet, warm home.
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What measures have you taken to find your cat? Put up posters, call vets and shelters, knock on your neighbors' doors and ask them to check their garages and sheds and under their porches.

Please don't just assume she went off to die. She may be lost, or lying hurt somewhere. go look for her! Offer a reward on the posters. Call all shelters and rescues and vets!
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Im still looking for her. Ive just had some people suggest this is a possibility that happened.

She had an abscess removed from her head two years ago.
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IMO she got out the same way cats scape from time to time - curiosity. Nothing to do with looking for a place to die. She was healthy, so I don't know why you would think she was looking for a place to die? Yes, sick cats sometimes do go away to die, but that is sick cats, not healthy cats.... Plus she is 15 - she could have lived to 18-19... so...
Do not listen to your "friends" your true friend could be hurting out there - go look for her.
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Your cat having had an abscess two years ago wouldn't have any bearing on her disappearance now. If that's the biggest health concern she's had in her 15 years, she's done very well!

Please take a look at this website:

You'll find lots of helpful information there. Be sure to read through the page that identifies specific cat personalities so that you can zero in on the best methods of finding your cat.

Hopefully, you have already been doing some of the things otto's mentioned, such as checking garages and sheds, putting up "lost" posters, calling local shelters, etc. Remember too, that unless she's an indoor-outdoor kitty, she'll likely be too afraid to come to you when you call her. The website will help with this.

Hope your cat will soon be safely home.
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